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1st double flying tourbillon replica ever made!

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    well 1,500 and I’m game. Just for the novelty of it


      am craving more info here, am obsessed with this piece, hope they lower price to 3500


        Originally posted by 2fake4u

        you must not see some of the frankens sold here.

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          $5000+ and the PR indicator is fake. I’m still laughing. And why $3500 is ok just because someone threw up that figure (erroneously, I might add), is beyond me. There’s a sucker born every minute, I guess.
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            Originally posted by peterpl View Post

            I would think they will reduce the price soon. When you create a product and there are no buyers well it defeats the purpose really. The Chinese are doing this to make money at the end of the day. If we can get all single tourby's for $700 I dont see why this cant sell for $1500 or less.

            In business school its always better to sell 100,000 x items at $500 profit each then to sell 1000 x items at $2000 profit each.

            Because you're not considering the costs that go into R&D to develop something new like this. If you saw my post from yesterday where I disassembled a Tourbillon rep, you'd see they're not nearly as complex as people make them out to be. It's certainly not a $1500 movement. But these things sell in much lower volume than other reps. I imagine it's even more so the case for this new double tourby. Even at 1500 I wouldn't buy one of these because I simply don't like the look of the watch/dial itself. I imagine that's probably going to be the case for a lot of people. If it was something that really grabbed my attention, I'd probably even consider the $5k price tag.
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              Does the $5k price tag include a real croc strap? In any case, I'm going to hold off for a triple tourbillon rep. It'll be 50% better.


                What the..


                  Seems like the other case/dial (rose gold) version has been released as well..


                    omg!!!!!! is that price confirmed ???? still holding out hope


                      Well they certainly made a very good watch there. The craftsmanship that has gone into this is nothing short of incredible. I for one will be keeping an eye on the development of the RD brand though the price if this model needs to come down a lot.

                      I’m hoping that with the development that has gone into the double tourbillon Hommage, that the makers can come up with an Excalibur Spider skeleton. I was lucky enough to try on a gen at a boutique, only 88 pieces made....

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                        ryanwayer Can you get this for me?!


                          Originally posted by imajedi View Post

                          Hahahah really? I have probably ten crazy high end frankens all which I have built myself. Some of the best on these forums. I think I know a thing or two.
                          Want to sell?


                            If someone can answer - what's the point of the arrows on the tourbillons? Certainly not to tell seconds in two different time zones?


                              Torby movements rotate 360° every minute. The arrows effectively are second counters to show that the thing is working as intended.


                                Shame they put a fake PR on the back. Take the replica brand away, take the fake PR away, and you have a legit watch here. As is however, it's exactly what we are used to. A very flawed over priced replica.