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Great to be back

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  • Great to be back

    Guys, a big thank you to Boss, Dr3m3L and rest of the team for bringing our home back to us. Felt quite cold and lonely and honestly I have to get used to the new forum style...but hopefull IŽll soon get the hang of it and find my way just like in our old home. Hope you guys can soon take some well deserved time off !!! Looking forward to meeting everyone again on RWI

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    now i can spend all my money again. woohoo
    Finally Developed a fix for clone 3186/3187 reliability issues. Stay Tuned for Details!!!

    I buy broken watches

    Current Super Franken Build list: 16610 LN w/ maxi dial, 16610LN, 116610LN, 116710LN, 116710LN w/ Gen 3186, Omega SMP


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      I'm confident you've been saving up.

    • 2fake4u
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      You'd think but ive had to buy gens recently

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    Gens: Rolex 116334, Rolex 116233 DD, Rolex 16018 DD
    Reps: Phong 1675, Hulk V7, Noob Pam 390, Diver's Helmet FFF, Noob 116520 Black Dial


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      Slowly but surely we'll be back in the swing of things folks!

      Siggy By: Wingnut


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        good job all

        Get ready for the M2M overflow though


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          Nice work! Felt like forever!!


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            Nice! M2M should be fun soon, hahaha


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              Its alive! Nice!


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                It feels like an eternity!!!! Thank goodness RWI is back!!! Thanks to the boss and all those who worked so diligently to get the forum back up and running, you all rock!!!!!
                WANT TO BUY - Rolex President Links (x1 or x2) for a Platinum 40mm BP DD, PM Me if you have 1 or 2 links you can part with, thanks!!!

                Rolex Franken DJ (MMM's no-holes mid case - MMM's ETA clone - JL's jubilee bracelet w/ gen Rolex clasp - gen Rolex crystal - gen Rolex silver dial - gen Rolex smooth bezel - gen Rolex crown and tube - gen Tudor hands)

                Rolex Franken Project -
                GMT Master II ref. 16710
                (Coke and LN gen inserts, gen crown, gen dial, gen-like Noob case)

                Rolex DayDate 228206 (BP w/ Prof Crystal)
                Rolex TC 16613LN
                Rolex TC 16610LN
                Rolex 116618LB Full Gold (BP V2 3135)
                Rolex 116515LNBR (Rose Gold)
                Rolex 116610LN (V6S w/ Prof Crystal w/ LEC, insert with PPP Mod)
                Rolex 216570 Explorer II (Noob CHS Black Dial)
                Rolex DSSD (Noob V7V2 modded by Strodda, V6S Insert with PPP Mod)
                Rolex Shark Sub-C 116610LN w/ LB Insert (Noob V5.1 w/ Prof Crystal)
                Rolex Sub-C 116619LB w/ LN Insert
                Rolex 6263 Black Dial Franken w/ Kenny Mods
                Rolex 6263 Silver Dial

                AP 26170 ROO Panda on Steel (JF Best w/ Prof Crystal)
                AP 15400 (TF Blue Dial w/ Prof Crystal)
                AP Ceramic Diver (JF Best)

                Patek Nautilus Blue Dial v2

                Breitling Navitimer 01 Black Dial

                Omega CrPO 45.5 w/ Orange Numbers (w/ Prof Crystal)
                Omega Aqua Terra Deep Blue
                Omega Spectre on NATO

                PAM 372 P.3000 Superclone


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                    Its about time !!!! Thanks RWI
                    Need Help ? Ask Me I'm NOOB Friendly


                    DIY rehaut engraving removal

                    Read about TC BK wm9 subs here

                    Read about attaching rep insert to TC sub bezel


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                      Thank you RWI team for the good jobs,finally, we're back home.


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                        Glad to have the ol' girl back! Many thanks to everyone who has made it happen!


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                          Wow - this is waaaay different...

                          [Link] The Truth About our Reps...


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                            I agree, but great to be back nonetheless.

                            The pilworx 116710LN gen bezel build
                            The pPPP - The Must Have Mod For All Older Rep Ceramic Rollies