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  • VIV54
    Time to complete and update this list.

    Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 45.5 / 42mm (CrPO) VSF (8500 Super Clone)

    It's been half year since this came out and we couldn't find a consensus.

    The flaws are:

    -slight difference in colour for the orange number model.
    - 28000bpm rate instead of 25200 (never heard of someone calling a rep out just because the second hand runs too smooth)
    - slight difference in insert being shinier than gen
    - escapement barely visible through the caseback and no co-axial. (I doubt you can be called out without a loupe, but anyway..)

    To me the silver number is definetely a Super rep.
    the orange, too, but someone would say that the numbers are a different shade of orange (which depends on light).

    now you have all the details to decide if it's a super rep or not according to the super rep standards. Kind regards.

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  • Drew01
    Can we say NWBIG material for this ARF datejust 41?

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  • English Gent
    just put this up in the Tudor section, but this is easily a Superclone

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  • Repworld

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  • chocolito
    Originally posted by Mr.Paneristi View Post

    Interesting to hear ZF got it right on their previous version, and then botched it on their latest updated version. Currently, their small (women's) is sold out. Hopeful they will have a revision with the correct cabachon round shape in the near future, finding a place on the super rep/NWBIG list
    Surprised the S is sold out because ONLY women can wear that watch it is tiny . I have a lot of watches on the consensual list and IMO the ZF tank solo is up there with the best of them for looking like the real thing . I purchased the XL date version and I have absolutely no worries about it being called out as a rep now I have changed the strap . However the cabachon on mine is correct . I have seen pictures of both the AF and ZF models on forums which have the LOUIS CARTIER wrongly shaped cabachon .

    I DON'T have a previous version of the XL I have the current version . The watch hasn't been updated since I purchased it . However mine has the correct round cabachon ! The ones coming out of the factories recently do not .

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