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QC EWF Daytona - Newbie

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    QC EWF Daytona - Newbie

    I have attached the pics, not sure if they'd reflect well on the forum.

    My observations are that the dial/bezel is misaligned at 6, 9 and 12 o clock. Also the chronograph circle at 3 o clock is not at 90 degrees (not too sure of this one though). Are these fair points to tell the td? and am i missing some other huge flaw?

    Thanks for the support. The forum helped me learn, but i'm still a newbie and not very confident of my analysis.

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    Also i recd the qc pics within a day of the payment done. Isn't this too early? Makes me wonder if they're giving me somebody else's rejected watch.

    Also attached the vids for your look. In case you have any more comments to add to my abovementioned observation.

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      If you use a trusted dealer you can relax. They vet the watches before presenting to you.
      I know you are trying to tell if you are getting defects but alignment can’t easily be resolved by a picture since you do not know the angle it was taken from.
      what you are looking for in the QC pics are large defects.

      just imagine you are getting a $10,000 dollar watch on sale for $500. and feel good about that.