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    Thanks for the time you spent writing my road map.


      Originally posted by Maro-JAPAN View Post
      Thanks for the time you spent writing my road map.
      i agree.. learning so much so so fast..


        Hi everyone. I've been a lurking member on here since 2016. This is my first post since I didn't have much to add, being I never purchased a rep before. I am an avid watch collector.
        After many years of debating whether to buy a rep from a TD, I finally pulled the trigger a month ago. I ordered an Omega Planet Ocean OMF, from Trustytime. it's an awesome watch and it has no issues.

        Since I had no issues, I ordered a Panerai 312Lum. 1950 3 day VSF super clone P9000 from him. It just arrived a few hours ago. Beautiful watch. ...But, when trying to advance the date, the hour hand (alone) moves. So I have to cycle 24 hours for each day to change the date. This isn't the proper function according to the video on the web site. It still is usable, but I'm a bit disappointed.

        I contacted Andrew and am waiting for a reply. I very much doubt I will send it back for repair. I may have it repaired locally.
        I was intending to purchase more watches from him. I guess I'll have to toss the idea around a bit.

        But anyway, I thought I'd share my experience with the members.



          An update: I received a reply from Andrew. He told me that this is the correct operation for setting the date.

          I have since looked at a gen, and found it is indeed the correct way to set the date.
          I was thrown off by the video on their web site showing a different operation.

          But I am very pleased to find it is all good.
          It is a beautiful. beefy watch.

          I love it. And I look forward to my next watch. Probably a Sub or Sea Dweller.

          Thanks guys (and girls) ..