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Beginners Guide on how to find the Best Replica Watch

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    As many have mentioned in the previous posts, great information and quality writing. Read every word of it. Ready to pull the trigger on a 116610 LN. Looking at either ARF or the Noob V10 if the reviews on it are good. I will not be modifying the watch, just want the best version out of the box.


      Just adding this here. It was in response to a question about the difference between a cheapie and a high end rep.

      Originally posted by C Master View Post
      egroegart G it is great to have you back I have seen so many noobs get flamed for posting these questions instead of people with a lot of knowledge helping them out. It breaks my heart to see it. New members do not feel welcomed to this fantastic community and end up making mistakes and get disillusioned with the hobby. Thank you so much for taking the time and providing so much detail.

      ploni1 Your question is indeed a valid one and I will briefly detail my experience of the rep world.

      I have had over 200 watches at this stage. I have a broader experience than most as I have bought from many sources. I have had gens, frankens, super frankens. hIgh end replicas ($300+) and cheapies as low as $10 ( at $10 they go to the bin usually or I give them to my kids to break).

      My rule now is if it is a must have I do not think twice and go straight to a TD here. If I simply want to see what a watch looks like I buy a cheapie. If i like it I buy the high end and pass on the cheapie here in the M2M sales section at a serious discount. If I do not like it I do the same, it ends up in M2M here at an even more serious discount lol. Or else I give them away to friends here.

      I can tell you I never really hang on to the cheaper ones as I get bored with them and the quality is just not up to scratch in general. (One I bought recently for over €100 rusted the day I got it as it was obviously not stainless steel and I wash all my watches before wearing them, I polished it back to its original state and sent it over to hasel53128 so he can hide it in one of his numerous drawers of watches. It looks the part but I would not hang onto a watch that rusts). So that answers another question, you will be promised refunds from these guys but good luck in getting one if there is a problem. If that was a TD sale they would refund immediately however an issue like that would not happen. There was only one cheapie I hung on to for more than 4 years. Most are gone within 3 months.

      So the difference in sellers:

      WeChat sellers:

      They buy the same reps that are on offer on DHGate. The photos are usually good as they are stolen from gen sites or from DHGate sellers. They make a high mark up compared to most DHgate stuff but they buy them the same way (Wholesale) Like DHGate they never handle the watch. They buy en masse from wholesalers and the watch is drop shipped. Quality of the steel, assembly and movements are generally sub par.

      Internet sellers:

      This is where a lot of people get ripped off. They usually advertise Swiss made replicas, with genuine movements. They charge up to $1,500 for the privilege of buying from them. They will send you a 21j piece of crap if you are lucky to get anything at all. Good luck with trying to do a chargeback as they change bank accounts like people change their underware.

      DHGate Sellers:

      They come and go like the wind. There is very little consistency. These used to operate from AliExpress until Ali went all legit and started to boot off rep dealers. Same quality as the WeChat sellers but usually cheaper. You can get higher end stuff but they are sometimes older versions and expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $400 more than the TDs here sell for. Again good comms before a sale but damn all after especially if there is a problem.


      The rep fora were set up because people were getting ripped off. Rep enthusiasts got together to share info on reps and get the best for their members. All the rep fora put a lot of effort into sourcing TDs. They are seriously vetted before getting a place here. Just think there are thousands of Rep sellers and only a handful make it on to the rep boards, we ban up to three WeChat sellers every day who try to sell their wares on here. If TDs do not live up to the standards we expect they are booted. The TD list here has changed substantially over the years but people like sead1999 puretime ryanwayer torobravo , to name but a few, have been here for years.

      TDs do not drop ship. If you order a watch they actually handle it themselves and QC it. The photos you get form them is of the actual watch. Many other sellers claim access to the factories but it is rubbish. Some of the TDs here have a working relationship with the factories. Every time they source a watch for you their reputation here is on the line. Yes like everyone they can have off days but if there is a problem they will sort it for you and the volunteer staff here will help if needs be.

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      The Collection:

      Originally posted by Parabuteo;n5110721
      Mods are GREAT at working out things, going to bat for us, and have some tools at their disposal to sanction scammers but they can't ultimately protect us from everything, including losing $ if we are not cautious. The main takeaway is this: we RWI members are participating knowingly in the "wild west" here (which actually thrills me) so...caveat emptor and never spend more than you can afford to lose.

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        This was super helpful, thank you so much!!


          really helpful, thanks for putting this together!


            Thank you for the information


              Great info. Answered several questions I had. Thanks!


                Must-read material for all newcomers. Thank you for the effort.


                  This is awesome, great insight on how this all works, thanks dude!


                    Thanks for the time you spent writing this, it's been a pleasure to work with you.


                      Thank you so much for the info! Very helpful as a new member...


                        Appreciate the time that went into this sticky
                        'Take care to get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get'


                          The best write up that a noob can read (and there is A LOT to read on this site). If there is ONE article that must be read, this is it. Thanks!


                            Thanks for providing the necessary perspective