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Overcharged and ignored. FRAUD!

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    Overcharged and ignored. FRAUD!

    Hopefully Angus can help me here, very disappointed in PureTime.

    I placed the order for a Daytona Baselworld on June 3rd. I was informed roughly one week later that while it was not available, i could perhaps select another product and pay the difference. I selected the ARF Daytona, paid an extra $150.00 to make it happen. No idea why $150, as the difference between the two was less, but so far i wasnt complaining, the difference was marginal. This second payment of $150.00 (+exchange rates) was paid on June 12th.

    I brought my concerns to Sarah. I sent my first email off to her on July 5th. I will include a copy of the body of the email bellow:

    Hello Sarah,

    I attempted to purchase a Noob Baselworld Daytona from your company last month. The transaction went through on the 3rd of June, see bellow:

    As this watch was not available, I was asked to adjust my order, which i did. I opted for a ARF Daytona, confirmed on the 12th of June, see bellow:

    Adding these two totals up comes to $516.00. Im unsure why, as the ARF i ordered lists for $488.00. Regardless, I was happy with the order at that point. However after receiving my bank statement, the total i was charged was $987.42, with an unknown additional charge on June 9th for 235.81 that your website does not even list. See bellow:

    When i include exchange rates (which are clearly included in the charges), this watch should have come out to no more than the $488.00 plus exchange rate at that time would have been roughly 1.31 Canadian dollars to American = $638.82.

    Why am i paying $987.42? What is the payment on the 9th for? I can see absolutely no reason that is there, nor why im charges so much more than what the exchange rates would indicate.
    The response? A very quick, dismissive response stating that the bill on the 9th 'was from another dealer', and furthermore in the future i should 'use another dealer'. I only got the card a month ago in order to use PureTime and have never, ever used another dealer on this card, and MasterCard Collabria has confirmed that in fact it is the same company. Even the website ( and address (Lenzhou, CN), match.

    So PureTime, what do you have to say?
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    It would appear the pictures of the transaction statements have not gone through. I will provide these as required (gotta learn how to attach those i suppose), but the email was sent and received by Sarah.


      What has got to do with puretime, you should check to see if your card has been hacked and used illegally for the second billing, it happens quite a lot when dealing with China

      just checked and is registered as an American site
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        Nothing. Yet they clearly used that email address. On the two dates they did bill me, the statement showed that exact same web address. Are you proposing it WAS them on the correct bills, yet NOT them on the fraudulent bill on the 9th?
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          Originally posted by Oo'latek View Post
          Nothing. Yet they clearly used that email address. On the two dates they did bill me, the statement showed that exact same web address. Are you proposing it WAS then on the correct bills, yet NOT them on the fraudulentbill bill on the 9th?
          Are you sure you were dealing with Puretime and not a scam site? By what you have shown here, there is no way to know. Puretime is a Trusted Dealer for a reason, so please get in touch with Angus and confirm you were actually dealing with them before dragging them through the mud, then give them some time to help if it was indeed Puretime. And who is Andrew in all this? Because to my knowledge there is no Andrew at Puretime.

          Angus can you help? puretime
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            Well, i DID receive my watch as ordered. All the transactions (except the fraudulent one on the 9th) clearly show on their website i was using at the time which is I did not make this post until i had made very certain i WAS dealing with the correct site. My MasterCard company has confirmed via phone call that the same company billed me three times. Once on the 2nd, once on the 12th (both correct), then once on the 9th (fraudulent). You are also correct, Angus. My bad there.

            I emailed Sarah twice to try and clear this up before taking this route. I do not wish to 'drag them through the mud' needlessly, but got no where with PureTime themselves.

            Im very happy with the product itself, a gorgeous rep. My one complaint is a very noisy rotor, but otherwise fantastic.

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              It appears puretime regularly overcharges and blames it on US banks. I think they need to update their conversion software...


                Maybe. I would understand if it was simply an overcharge on the two transactions i DID place, but this is an unexplained additional charge that customer service is denying. I am hoping this is simply a mistake and we can work this out, but im starting to lose faith after the brief, dismissive email Sarah sent me addressing my very valid concerns.
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                  Disappointment always happens to noobies for some reasons.

                  Just to remind everyone that this “pretending to be rich” hobby is unnecessarily expensive.

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                    I read this and i think i have to explain myself :

                    1. You ordered a watch $338 and changed to ARF daytona which is $488 Price difference is $150 . I don't think there is anything wrong as you claimed we should not charge you $150
                    This is the watch you ordered $338
                    And you changed to $488

                    2. We confirmed with CC company only two transactions were made to us. The other transaction was from another watch dealer. The cc company we used also help other dealers to collect the payments, not only us. That can explain why when you called your bank and they said both were from same company. I also post the conversation between us and translations so that all people can understand it :

                    3. Our Merchant ID is 58 When the cc company checked on their ends, they found 3 transactions in system. Two were from 58 and one was from Merchant ID 172
           Clearly Merchant ID 172 is not us .They also provided tracking number for your purchase.

                    Please check clearly if you have bought anything else from another TD or any of your families did.


                      Wow...detailed expected from PT


                        Sounds like someone needs to give an apology.


                          US$163.00 payment made 6/9, DHL shows a package sent from Hong Kong headed for Canada, dispatched 6/12.


                            Hope the above image's shows tracking info!


                              Originally posted by gatty View Post
                              Hope the above image's shows tracking info!
                              Yes, but this is a purchase from another dealer with Merchant ID 172 who used the same CC company as we do