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Waiting for the 961 and the 985

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    Waiting for the 961 and the 985

    Anyone else actively waiting for the 961? From what I gathered on other threads, it should drop in September...

    I'm also eagerly waiting for the 985, though I have no idea if that'll ever appear. Anyone have any thoughts and/or insider info on whether or not it'll be produced? The layered dial with blue lume is stunning.

    +1 for the 961. For the 985, they already copied the nylon strap patten with the 979 so perhaps we can have a hope.


      Hmm ..985 is a sandwich, I can’t remember the cans already made with such markers, and if I'm not mistaken, there is a seal on the crystal. Were there already successful attempts to make one like in lab-id?
      There is a possibility that the first version may not work ...

      But with 961 problems should not be.


        ive already placed a pre-order on the 961
        Looking for a DSN PAM036


          Who's taking pre-orders on the 961? I'm in!

          As for the 985 -- I really would love to see a good one pop up. I find it incredibly beautiful.