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Longines Hertiage Military - Thoughts?

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    Longines Hertiage Military - Thoughts?

    I'm interested in in this Longines Heritage Military Rep

    As this is my first time browsing reps, could any veteran members give me their opinion / impressions of this rep? Not necessarily someone that owns this particular model, but anything that stands out or I should be aware of.

    Also, could not find any information about this particular factory in the factory threads, or I'm missing something.


    Dial is awful compared to gen. But if you can live with that then go for it.
    If you want a Longines then the avigation big eye has been repped much better. If you want a military watch - look at IWC reps. If you want a smaller casual watch - there isn't much out there in the rep world - you'd be better off buying a Hamilton


      Thank you so much!

      I actually noticed that the dial is not as great compared to the original photos. The specks seem less well "placed". Also the hands seem to have a much duller color.

      My favorite would be the Heritage Avigation Type-A but that one is not available in rep, and it probably won't be due to its movement (I'd think).

      I will look into the alternatives you mentioned, the Big Eye especially.