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New Glaschutte Senator Sixties on the horizon with a functioning moonphase

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    New Glaschutte Senator Sixties on the horizon with a functioning moonphase

    Google auto translate text:

    [The ultimate technological breakthrough for the GL Gera factory for three years] The perfect realization of the true moon phase function of Senator Glashütte's big calendar❗️❗️Knock the
    point! Click the key point ❗️❗️

    1★ True moon phase ★ consistent with the original version, the moon phase function is adjusted by the left button (Note: other factory versions have a 24-hour function, the left button has no actual function)

    2 ★ Real big calendar ★ The big calendar is consistent with the original The right button adjusts to realize the double jump of the big calendar (Note: other factory versions adjust the calendar through the crown, and the calendar is too small. The function does not match)

    3 ★Literal ★After N adjustments, the original literal pearlescent white effect is perfectly achieved. The literal literal has stars in the sun Reflective

    4★The balance wheel position is 6 o’clock position. It is the same as the original version. The balance wheel positions of other factory versions are mostly at 12 o’clock and 9 o’clock position.

    5★ Movement ★ Based on the 9015 movement, the quality of the functional movement is more stable. The clipped version is a perfect reproduction of the original

    6★The thickness is 11.4MM★It is consistent with the original version. Most of the other factory versions are above 12.5MM. The overall vision is thicker. The

    GL Gera factory focuses on quality and welcomes the taste of watch friends from all walks of life!

    Previous version was by V9 factory, this new version is by GL factory, which is a factory I haven't heard of before. Promotional video appears to show the moonphase working as-expected, however keep in mind this is a video directly from the factory and may not necessarily reflect reality. Still, hopes are high for this one!

    EDIT: In the photos below from the chinese dealer website, there is clearly some shenanigans going on... each photo of the SS vs RG versions are exactly the same save for the color, so they may either be renders or photoshops. Hopefully we'll see some pics and videos pop up with our own TD's soon

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    That silver one is gorgeous. Hoping the first samples look that good


      I hope the silver is as good as it looks! I'd definitely be interested if so.


        Is this watch for sale now anywhere, with working moon phase ?