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VSF Omega Worldtimer Movement/Service Photos and Comments *Pic Heavy*

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    VSF Omega Worldtimer Movement/Service Photos and Comments *Pic Heavy*

    I'm servicing a VSF Worldtimer currently and wanted to share some of the teardown pictures.

    First up is the beautiful dial and hands. The hands have bevels, and a combination of brushing and polish.

    Taking the dial off shows a little surprise. There is a clear ring on the dial that lets the 24 hour wheel show through. This is the same as gen construction. The dial is thick, metal backed, and heavy.

    The 24 hour disk is press fit on, just like a GMT hand would be. Thanks to skaterluca for the tip on how to remove it. Nice finish work on the plate, which will only be seen by the watchmaker!

    Here are some view of the jumping hour mechanism. Very important lubrication point here.

    Nice shot of the cannon pinion and some of the other motion works.

    At base this is the 8500/8900 VSF clone movement that is a favorite of mine. Well made, tight tolerances, and goes back together smoothly. Typically it is pretty clean from the factory, and is lubricated, just not well.

    Finally, there was some dirt to be found. On watches like this where no replacement parts are on the horizon, preventative maintenance is the best chance at longevity. These photos are from the autowind and hand winding areas. High stress components.

    Here are all the photos in a gallery:

    Thanks for looking. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love VSF Omega.

    ​PS I am not a watchmaker for hire, sorry folks. You've got great ones on this forum already.

    Very informative & awesome pictures Sir, thank you for sharing.

    The Worldtimer is definitely on my 2022 WTB, so was great to see it stripped down and the underlying quality.

    Well wear
    "The more I learn,
    the more I realize how much I don't know"

    "Take care to get what you like
    you will be forced to like what you get."

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      Great insight, thanks for sharing!


        This is an incredible example, and I really love the level of details. Thanks for sharing these!
        WTB SS/YG Seamaster