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    I am dealing with similar issues with one of my family members now. It is thankfully under control for the time being and you want to hope for the best, but a happy ending to drug addiction is becoming less common with these new opioid's. Sorry for your loss man...
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      Just coming across this now and my heart is torn. We are so fortunate to have Rob apart of our community. Hang in there buddy, only time can heal these wounds. Took me weeks to coup with my fathers diagnosis. God only knows how long it will take me to mourn his passing. My prayers goes out to you and your family.
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        Condolences, I have lost several close family members in the past decade and I have a glimpse of the dull, empty feeling of helplessness, pain, and loss that you bear.

        But tomorrow is a brand new day. Cherish the memories, but go live in the sunlight. Bring happiness to those around you. Life is too short already as you know.

        Take care my RWI brother.


          Very sorry to hear what happened to you and your family As someone who has struggled with depression I really appreciate you making this post. To anyone out there that's struggling talk to people and see a therapist, it'll help, I promise.


            Sorry to hear about your loss.

            It’s one of the most difficult moments in life when you realize that you can’t solve health issues, even if you would do everything to be able to help. Had a girlfriend with MS at 35, she is ok, but you realize how quickly things can change in live if you are no longer in full control of your body and mind.
            It’s well said not waste your time with fights about meaningless things. Live can change quickly. All the best for you.


              Sorry man, no words can really make a difference. Much love.
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