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GeekTime - Lackluster thus far

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    GeekTime - Lackluster thus far

    I should have known better then to use a non TD, but a friend of mine got a really nice VSF Hulk from GeekTime, and raved about how fast the process was so I gave them a try. Here’s what happened.

    On January 3rd I contacted them via WhatsApp. I told him I wanted a vsf hulk and YM. From reading here I know the vsf YM comes with a small oysterflex, I let him know the oyster flex combo I need. Within 4 minutes of agreeing to a price I send him the $20 deposit for QC via paypal

    QC pictures for the hulk arrive 10 hours later. I ask for 1 additional picture of the crown, that pictures arrives a few hours later.

    On January 5th I get pictures of the YM, everything looks good but the amplitude readings are terrible, they had the lift angle set incorrectly

    On January 7th get the updated video of the watch with the correct lift angle everything is good, I accept both watches.

    On January 8th I pay the total outstanding balance

    I don’t hear anything from him until January 14th, when he responds to a previous message asking what’s taking so long. He claims it took him 1 week to source a strap for a 20cm wrist.

    On January 15th I ask him to speed the process along since CNY is coming and there’s going to be a massive amount of outbound from China.

    On January 17th I receive a picture of my watches and a shipping label, and I am told the watch will ship out that day.

    January 31st I get a message saying I have a new tracking number. Turns out my watches have been sitting someplace in China for the last 2 weeks. “Customs is too strict” for the last two weeks.

    All of these issues are minor inconveniences, and I realize some of this stuff is bound to happen with any dealer, but I won’t be shopping with GeekTime again.

    I hear about geektime a lot lately. Is this dealer from another forum or Reddit or something?


      This sounds fine so far. I had a watch seized for the first time around the same time, so the advice you were given about customs echos my experience.
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        That sounds like pretty great service imo. I'm glad you're no customer of mine!
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          I have one that just cleared customs. I want with Eric because of his excellent reputation on Reddit. No regrets at all. Sorry you had trouble. This ain’t like Amazon. A lot of unpredictable things can happen. Hopefully there’s a happy ending around the corner.


            Not that I would suggest buying from non TD but the whole process sounds reasonable and could have happened with any other TD.

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              He should have blasted them off to get seized earlier then...????


                I ordered multiple watches from him and never had a problem as many users here and reddit


                  That doesn't seem too bad and mostly out of the TD's control.