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    New or wanted services?

    Good afternoon RWI,
    Hope everyone had a good holiday! I've had a few watches coming in and hopefully you guys will see the feedback in the coming weeks. The reason for this post is to see if anyone can provide feedback on services they have been looking for but have not been able to find, for example I know many modders don't work on AP while I do. Is there anything that other watch makers don't do but you guys would like to see or get done? Shoot me a PM or email. Just looking to stand out a bit more!

    Top of my list of desired services:
    1. AP ROO Thinning and Gen movement install
    2. Prof Mods
    3. Re-Lume/SuperLume
    4. AR Coating
    5. (major wish) Someone that would stock mod parts like, Datewheels, Hands, Crystals, etc.