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Excellent purchasing experience with Li/JTime

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    Excellent purchasing experience with Li/JTime

    Hi everyone,

    I don't post much on RWI in general but felt compelled to give you all my positive experience in working with Li.

    9/13/19: Placed order on the JTime website. I ordered the ZZF Subbie. I wanted to use PP but the website had no real mechanism for such transactions.
    9/16/19: I contacted Li on WhatsApp. He responded pretty quickly and we talked about the order and the method of payment. He informed that I would need to wait 10 days before they had the watch in stock. Think it had to do with the 5.0 raid that occurred at that time.
    9/27/19: I contacted Li to get an update and he informed me that the watch was just received in his office. He would send QCs the next day.
    9/28/19: As promised, I got the QC the next day. Like all reps, there were flaws but the watch was as described to be a standard issue ZZF subbie. I was happy with it and GL'd the watch.
    9/29/19: Li contacted me to inform me that the item was packaged and ready to ship.
    10/6/19: Watch left on a plane to the US.
    10/7/19: Attempted delivery by courier but I wasn't home.
    10/8/19: Requested electronic signature and now I have my new subbie on left wrist as I'm typing this.

    So overall, took less than a month from initial transaction to watch in hand. Very smooth transaction overall with Li. I will definitely look forward to doing business with LI again in the future!

    Very nice experience...
    Would you mind telling the flaws you were saying with the watch? I am interested about it, hope you post some wrist shots..

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      I'd be happy to post some pics once I figure out how to do that. The flaws are the usual ones pointed out by folks: rehaut; crystal height; crown height; date wheel/magnifier; clasp could be better; etc. Nothing glaring tho. General population are all novice and these watches are all well made enough that no one would ever call you out. My last rep was a sub Noob V4 and even though there are more glaring flaws than the ZZF, no one in my day to day could tell it was nothing more than a gen Rollie.