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"Your wife tells me you know how to repair watches..."

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    "Your wife tells me you know how to repair watches..."

    "Your wife tells me you know how to repair watches..." (this is the standard introduction phrased with a smile that I keep hearing with a remarkable unformity) usually followed by "my grandfather left me this old watch ..." or "I just bought this watch in a flea market and when I got it home..." usually ending with "Do you think you could take a look at it?" Inwardly, from the very first words, I cringe with past images of people carting in rusted 500lb grandfather pendulum clocks from the 19th century and cheap quartz watches with corroded movements from decades of battery leakage. What are these people thinking? In a large cocktail party I can usually just make an ambiguous gesture in a different direction and walk away with a shrug to another group, and escape from the potentially endless assignment, but if you are treating me to a meal one-to-one, you are a very clever bugger, because you have me in your captivity and under your spell, grateful as I always am to receive a free meal. So, this happens... and I take home a plastic bag, and open it up and find this little walll clock from late 1960s France/Switzerland in it:

    When I turn it around and look at the hybrid discrete point-to-point wiring of the electronic regulator, and the massive balance wheel and gear train, I smile: "they only made them like this 50 years ago", it will be amusing to service, if it does not require a replacement part:

    30 Minutes later, with this little wall clock ticking away happily after a movement cleaning and an oiling, I notify the owner of its successful repair, and I hear I will be treated to a coffee in return. Shrugging my shoulder and grinning silently, I return to servicing a genuine Rolex lefty temporarily unattended on my work bench for a collector from Netherlands ....

    Great design,.....


      Analogous to a doctor at a cocktail party...”I’ve got this rash. Would you mind having a look?”
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        Exactly. You understand.


          Haha. As a doctor specialized in spine surgery (back pain, anyone?) I have an idea what you are going through. That said, I couldn’t resist letting you “have a quick look” at my grandfathers watch either.

          Richard Millie Iced Out