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Hi new to here and rep watch world!

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    Hi new to here and rep watch world!

    Just joined rep watch world! Seem a lot to learn!

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    Do you have any favorites? It would be fun to recall this thread few months from now.

    Have in mind that rep world is a hobby that need you to participate. Not a social appreciation shortcut or a hint to fool others.
    Read every sticky thread in every sub forum you like to participate.

    Enjoy tiny gears and design!



      Welcome to RWI and enjoy some good reading


        Hey, welcome to the forum!

        Here are some links with interesting information and must-reads, that helped me a lot in the beginning. Hope it will do the same for you!

        Read and search first before you add a new topic. That keeps the forum ‘to the point’. More forum members spend a lot time at RWI and if they have to dig through all the ‘what is best’ and ‘where can I find’ posts all the time, it makes their time on the forum less attractive… Other, more experienced members are willing to help and answer your questions but most questions are already asked before, so read first.

        Use the search function when you are looking for something specific, you can search in titles and/or posts only with advanced search. Sometimes searching with Google works also well, just add ‘RWI’ to your search query. If you can’t find what you are looking for after reading, and you still have a question, put your question in the right sub-forum.

        Forum Terms & Abbreviations: this will make reading at RWI more easy!

        Guide - how to purchase your first rep: a must-read!

        THE LIST with super reps: [CONSENSUAL LIST] Super Reps NWBIGs - only the best on this list!

        Members sale & Trade area: if you want to buy a pre-loved watch from another member.

        Trusted Rep Dealers: a list with the dealers that are trusted on this forum.

        Read immediately after your first order: a post to get to know what to expect and Do’s & Don’ts (also good to read BEFORE your first order)

        ~ Always look on the Breit-side of life.. ~