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not sure if i am in the right place.................

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    If only your sales threads would be the wonderful saga that this is been...
    My wish list:
    Panerai OP VIII movement (7750 with GMT complication)


      Originally posted by Bonnyb1 View Post
      Thank you all so much for your advice and knowledge - when I’m able to, do you think I should put them on the for sale page with a link to this thread?
      Get them listed for sales ... is the 'SEQUEL' that I was talking about Bonnyb1

      As yllekp has pointed out, please read the Sales Rules. I think you should become a Supporter. You can help the forum and make the sales 10 times smoother. It will eliminate the limitation of a non-supporter and make things more fun.

      Yllekp has offered his assistance, at the same time I would be more than happy to lend a hand if you need my help. Just send us a PM.

      Maybe after the sales you can get your husband a Noob LMPO (Planet Ocean Liquidmetal) and an Aqua Terra 38.5mm for yourself.

      Best of luck
      The Kakaka! King
      RWI Supporter
      RWG VIP/Supporter