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not sure if i am in the right place.................

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    If only your sales threads would be the wonderful saga that this is been...
    My wish list: gen components...
    Breitling Datora Montibrilliant dial, older style

    Breitling B13 date wheel

    Panerai OP VIII movement


      Originally posted by Bonnyb1 View Post
      Thank you all so much for your advice and knowledge - when I’m able to, do you think I should put them on the for sale page with a link to this thread?
      Get them listed for sales ... is the 'SEQUEL' that I was talking about Bonnyb1

      As yllekp has pointed out, please read the Sales Rules. I think you should become a Supporter. You can help the forum and make the sales 10 times smoother. It will eliminate the limitation of a non-supporter and make things more fun.

      Yllekp has offered his assistance, at the same time I would be more than happy to lend a hand if you need my help. Just send us a PM.

      Maybe after the sales you can get your husband a Noob LMPO (Planet Ocean Liquidmetal) and an Aqua Terra 38.5mm for yourself.

      Best of luck
      The Kakaka! King
      RWI Supporter
      RWG VIP/Supporter