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I Have No Idea How to Present a Coherent Thought on the Computer

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    I Have No Idea How to Present a Coherent Thought on the Computer

    this big sign have yourself a merry little Christmas of what about these from the master to get of razors like and I'm not talking about a little bucket I'm talking about like the huge buckets so I always put two packs of razors to like make it feel like it's more you know what I'm saying because all of those razors I either got for like 25 cents or less so they mean absolutely no thing to me I could never use those Fructis I'm going to show you how set my bundle up for sale and everything guys next we're gonna put this suave body wash in there I will not get swapped body wash if I have to pay for it because I think this stuff is crap honestly it smells pretty good though so we got swapped body wash Garnier fruity shampoo and conditioner cotton l BIC razors all we're gonna give them a Glade air freshener just for kicks all of those I got for free we're gonna give them one of these soft soap toilet things this is getting kind of big I was trying to keep it small um what else can we throw in here oh okay that's good so never mind my masa my flip you guys around you're gonna see some of my mask forgive me nobody comes in this room so I really don't give a except freak so for you guys so potentially thousands of people it's

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    Rough translation from Ukrainian:

    Hello, I am new here. At Christmas I received many new toiletries (such as shampoo, body wash and razors). I have way too many that I can use, so I would like to sell them here. I'm quite shy and this is very new to me. Am I allowed to sell here? I know there are many members who have poor hygiene but I will ship in plain brown wrapper so you don't have to wear mask and be ashamed to.

    [Link] The Truth About our Reps...


      It's almost as funny as Engrish
      * Venerably Irreproachable Panerai's

      WTB -- Pam 063, 172, 192, 719, 42mm Mare Nostrum / Slytech

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