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Timegraph results - Can't figure out positions

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    Timegraph results - Can't figure out positions


    I need help reading this timegraph. I don't understand what the position (POS) names mean. I can't figure out which one is crown up, crown down, crystal up, crystal down etc.

    It's a timegraph result from an ETA clone TC-2824. Thanks for the help.

    Really? With those readings from a rep you need to know EXACTlY which position might be 2 seconds a day slower???


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      Can't hurt to know how your movement works, this way you basically don't have to adjust it at all if you know how to lay it down at night.

      Usually, crystal up and crystal down makes the movement move faster. Crown down makes it move slower. But that can vary a lot depending on the movement that's why I want to know the POS names.