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Australian watchmaker, rep friendly!

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    Last I heard @marrickville wasnt doing A7750's, just the 28XX clones.


      Marrickville just installed a heap of gen parts on my TCv6 LV plus a general service.

      Pretty sure he works on everything. Top grade work, highly recommended.


        Looking forward to sending my rep to [MENTION=28362]marrickville[/MENTION] once it comes!


          I'm also in Melbourne looking for a Rep friendly to fix a 7750 chrono that is jamming up .. anyone ?


            Forget about the Hornsby option.
            Left a 2824-2 with him for a service , first time I picked it up it wouldn't work and after I picked it up 2 weeks later it now gains about an hour a day!
            Cost $180! plus whatever its going to cost to fix whatever it is that he has done.
            I smelt a rat when he was very non specific when I asked exactly what he had done. The place looked dirty and disorganised, I was initially shocked this guy was a watchsmith.
            Should have trusted my gut instinct.


              A shoutout to [MENTION=28362]marrickville[/MENTION] for his work on my speedy pro 2013 limited edition. He swapped the movement into a different case, transferred the bezel insert and installed a gen crystal. He was an absolute professional, excellent communicator and showed excellent worksmanship. I shipped the watch from Melbourne and had it back in hand about 10 days later (over the Easter long weekend mind you). The standard of work was outstanding and his pricing was very reasonable. I would highly recommend him and won't hesitate to use him again in the future.

              As an aside, Ekselman in Melbourne CBD are a bunch of muppets and I cannot discourage you from using them strongly enough. They took the very same watch for 4 weeks, claimed they couldn't do anything to fix it, but managed to get dust on the dial. When questioned, they insisted they hadn't even opened the caseback. In which case, I don't know how they knew they couldn't fix the watch. Muppets.
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                A big big plus to [MENTION=28362]marrickville[/MENTION] (Rob) for his services.

                Worked on my CrPO and sent back to me within 2 weeks. Also helped me with other issues and questions I have with my other reps.

                Excellent communication with QC pics along the way. Very reasonable priced too for such quality service and professionalism.

                Highly recommended and he will definitely be my go to person for any future reps to be serviced/worked on.

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                  Alright guys. Dropped off my Seamaster with Miyota to be serviced by the mob in Brisbane - (Leonard St)
                  Don't bother - I explained to them that the movement was a non-genuine Miyota and then I received a call from them after 2 days saying sorry you watch is a copy and thus we can not service it. WTF?!?! All it needed was a Keyless works - Maybe the girl wasn't listening. I'm unsure where else to go now; I'll try some other watch repairers and get back to you al'
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                    Had two watches recently serviced by [MENTION=28362]marrickville[/MENTION]- a 2824 and a 6497 movement.

                    He did a great job and both now working perfectly. QC pics were cool

                    Would recommend for anyone needing any work done

                    Incidentally George Yoon has retired- I called him the other day and confirmed this with him. Rob (marrickville) does better work anyway


                      Any recommendation for A7750 service in Sydney?


                        Hey fellow Aussies...
                        I've used Ray Drummond in Nth Sydney he's a third gen watchmaker great bloke and can work on any movement, no dramas with reps at all..

                        He's semi retired and only works Wednesday from Giro jewellers..

                        Giro's Jewellery
                        Jewellery Stores - North Sydney, NSW

                        Level 1 155-167 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060


                          I sent two watches to @marrickville a week ago and got them back today. One of them was not keeping time and the other one had some rotor issue.
                          He fixed both of them well. So happy!!!


                            I was fortunate to have [MENTION=28362]marrickville[/MENTION] service my LMPO after the rotor came off.

                            I really appreciated his pictoral updates re: the progress with my watch. Was all up a 5 day turnaround, and I received the watch in better shape than when I'd got it from the TD.

                            Very professional, very skilled and very prompt with his communication. Will not hesitate to ask for Marrickville's help again in future, and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for somebody to service a rep.


                              Hi boys fellow Australian here I have been wanting to perches I good quality rep locally instead of over seas! Can anyone point me in the right direction or hook me up with a link or something?

                              Cheers fellas


                                Originally posted by Julskee, post: 2989795
                                Hi boys fellow Australian here I have been wanting to perches I good quality rep locally instead of over seas! Can anyone point me in the right direction or hook me up with a link or something?

                                Cheers fellas
                                Why locally and why ask in this thread?
                                Trevor has a limited amount of stock in AU:***

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