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Raffles Day Date build - Ready to throw the towel in !

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    Raffles Day Date build - Ready to throw the towel in !

    Spent the whole day today trying to put together my raffles 5 digit day date and have ended up in disaster.

    After hours of trying to get the day/date aligned and finally getting it somewhere tolerable i tried to fit the hands , first rotation of the minute and hour hands somehow managed to scratch the dial in two circles !

    So now needed a new dial I thought il get it all together anyway , second hand refuses to fit onto pin , its like the hole is too small but this is the set provided so im sure it is supposed to fit unless ive been sent the wrong one which is doubtfull.

    Right so I think il assemble without the second hand and make sure everything else is good to go while I try and see what needs done for the second hand and order a new dial...

    So then the dial/movement ring wont stay in place and by the looks of it, having it fitted to the case will put too much pressure on the whole thing and stop the day and date discs turning...
    I thought il try anyway so go to cut the stem...removed the stem about 10 times no issue up to this point , removed it to test fit the crown and re inserted to mark off where it needed cut and you guessed it....dosnt click in and the keyless has commited suicide , turns the date and nothing else wont click into place to wind or pull out to the time set position, I then think right il see if I can send this whole thing off to a modder now...Il remove the date discs for easier access to the keyless when its sent away....PING....away goes the circlip holding in the day wheel !!

    There is also a metal ring that I cannot see where it goes , its too small to go anywhere on the movement.

    Is there anyone that has experience of these ?? Is it worth trying to fix this thing or would you send it away to someone better equiped for this !
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    Oh dude, I feel your pain!!!! This is exactly what would happen if I attempted to do this. It is bloody funny though and you genuinely made me lol.

    I have nothing helpful to add - just thanks for cheering me up!


      Send me a picture of your parts and I will see if I can help you.


        Oh man, I just know this kind of thing would happen to me if I tried it.

        I have sometimes thought of going all quartz if only Bulova quartz movements with smooth seconds hand was available in other brands. And I don't mind a quartz chrono with running seconds on a small sub-dial.

        I can work on bracelets and straps and inserts, I can change batteries (I am getting better at snap-on case backs since I got some tools).

        But anything else is pure WITCHCRAFT!

        Of course the real answer is to buy a gen Rolex but that's not going to happen.