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Question : Sea-Dweller 2017 Baselworld 126600 ARF

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    Originally posted by Roler View Post
    Have you consider the Noob version too? The Noob bazel and the lume insert on the bazel does look more genuine. Why did you make the choice except only for the 904L steel they're using?
    Well actually, this is my first rep purchase. First I ordered a Noob V9 sub, however weeks went by before Puretime could source a good one for me (had 3 RL's.)
    So browsing Puretime casually I saw the Sea-Dweller (Loved the look already) and searched for some reviews on Reptime (reddit) and it came with very good reviews.
    It was the exact same price so I went for this one. I'm happy though, it still has that Submariner vibe, but with the red ''Sea-dweller'' it makes it a little bit more unique. I get nothing but compliments for it.


      You probably better off giving this task to a modder who do these sorts of mods day in day out.

      You don't want to rrisk the gen DW disc.

      That's just my view.