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Question : Sea-Dweller 2017 Baselworld 126600 ARF

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    Originally posted by Roler View Post
    Have you consider the Noob version too? The Noob bazel and the lume insert on the bazel does look more genuine. Why did you make the choice except only for the 904L steel they're using?
    Well actually, this is my first rep purchase. First I ordered a Noob V9 sub, however weeks went by before Puretime could source a good one for me (had 3 RL's.)
    So browsing Puretime casually I saw the Sea-Dweller (Loved the look already) and searched for some reviews on Reptime (reddit) and it came with very good reviews.
    It was the exact same price so I went for this one. I'm happy though, it still has that Submariner vibe, but with the red ''Sea-dweller'' it makes it a little bit more unique. I get nothing but compliments for it.


      You probably better off giving this task to a modder who do these sorts of mods day in day out.

      You don't want to rrisk the gen DW disc.

      That's just my view.


        Is the date wheel in ARF 126600 907 v2 good or bad?

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          Originally posted by Drifter View Post
          You can buy a gen 3135 DW disc and get it modded and overlay on the arf dwo .

          This has been done by few members

          Gen DW disc is about 150 and occasionally they come up for sale . Keep an eye out under watch parts

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          Absolutely correct.

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            Originally posted by 2001025 View Post
            Is the date wheel in ARF 126600 907 v2 good or bad?

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            Font is thicker than gen, but it's a small tell that needs a perfect storm of circumstances to be noticed. I wouldn't worry about it.
            My wish list: gen components...
            Breitling Datora Montibrilliant dial, older style

            Breitling B13 date wheel

            Panerai OP VIII movement


              Just got a ARF Sd43. Imo the dw has improved much compared to the first version with superr thick dw. Heres a comparison with a gen gmt2 of datewheel. Yes it isnt a fair comparison but the looks of the 25 seems quite good. The only mod i'll have for the sd43 would be to get gen or prof 2x AR xtal. That would certainly make a huge difference

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                Hi, I resume this thread with a doubt, that would be this:
                In the meantime this version of Noob SEA-DWELLER DEEPSEA 116660 "D-BLUE" V7 1: 1 NOOB BEST EDITION came out "and the comparison is still valid or in light of this the matter has improved in favor of Noob?
                From the photos on the site, it would seem that Noob does not have that part between glass and quadrant, I mean where there is the inscription "Escape valve etc." carefully aligned as in the ARF.


                  I purchased a ARF SD43 v2 from a TD recently. I have couple thoughts wanted to share. I shared this on another thread but I think you guys might be interested as well.

                  See the picture. I think the print of “ft” is a little off. The t is not smooth. Also, the 6 o’clock mark is sitting pretty low.

                  I did not see the print messed up in my qc because the hour hand was covering it (lesson learned).

                  I saw some posts of theirs ARF SD43. Looks like a lot of them have the same issues. May be the whole batch are like that.

                  I was asking if my TD can send me a corrected dial and they said ARF does not give out only dial. I am still trying to see what else I can do.

                  Please let me know if anyone can source a good dial which can fit this watch.

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