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Modify Hand Stack AP RO Perpetual Calendar (APS FACTORY) LATEST VERSION

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  • Modify Hand Stack AP RO Perpetual Calendar (APS FACTORY) LATEST VERSION

    Greetings all,

    This will be my very first post via RWI, so if I am in the wrong section, please point me in the correct direction. I've recently ordered an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Rose Gold in the latest version from APS Factory. Still many issues but a better update than previous models. My question is, is it possible to correct the hand stack? The gen has the white GMT hand at the very bottom of the hand stack, while the replica has it at the very top. Understanding that the GMT functionality might be lost, for appearances sake, would it still be possible to reposition the white GMT hand at the bottom of the hand stack? If so, how?

    Below I have included QC pictures from my order with Trusty:

  • dangerdan3
    To keep it functioning you would need to rework the gear train underneath the dial. Not for the faint heart. If you just wanted the appearance of a GMT hand, you would need to either paint on a gmt hand to the dial (yuck), or raise the remaining hands enough to clear the now non-functioning gmt hand. Not impossible but it’ll take some careful measurements and ordering new pinions and wheels. Personally, I’d lump it into the too hard basket and enjoy the watch how it comes.

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