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My first replica - Submariner ZZF V2s modded

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    My first replica - Submariner ZZF V2s modded

    It has finally come the time to show my first and only replica watch =D

    Base: ZZF V2s Submariner
    Bracelet: ARF
    Mods: Gen crystal - date wheel - tube - crown - hands

    Pics made by Nikon D800E + Sigma 180 2.8 Apo Macro lens. Unedited apart from the brightening of the bezel indexes.

    After owning it for 6 months, let's say that I'm very happy with the results! Submariner case format is a timeless classic, and I wear it everyday.
    It's incredible how different is turning the crown on the original threading vs the ZZF tube

    Next step will be the replacement of the bezel gasket lost by an idiot of a watchmaker before this watch went into the loving hands of Johnny Depp for mods and a brushing and a new, brighter bezel since I don't like it that much... what bezel I still don't know, maybe a Molotow mod on this, or a V4 CF bezel with aftermarket platinum coating... I still don't know... Suggestion anyone?

    Just a question for the community. What do you think about the seconds hand? It should be gen but it seems strange... The hour hand is beautiful, while the seconds hand is... strange.
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    Nice looking watch, thanks for the share, for a beginner like me can you break down how much the mods have set you back?

    also anyone know of a good rep friendly watchmaker in Melbourne?


      I also would like to know how much the mods have set you back


        300 hands from Bill33
        140 date wheel from Bill33
        530 crystal crown and tube blistered from a Spanish guy on C24
        160 bracelet from Puretime
        350 service, modding and polish from Johnny Depp

        In a couple years I may transfer those mods, plus gen auto winding group pinion barrel and mainspring on a VSF watch


          Thanks LordElrond.