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IWC Top Gun Ref No. IW3890-01 Review!

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    IWC Top Gun Ref No. IW3890-01 Review!

    Hi all,

    I recently receive the IWC Top Gun Ref No. IW3890-01 by ZF, which I ordered from PureTime (great service by the way! Kudos to PT!)
    This model is basically the Top Gun model first released by IWC in 2016, featuring 2 subdials on the 12th o'clock, with the outer for minutes and inner for a 12-hour stopwatch dial.

    As you can see from the Imgur link. it came nicely packed in a long ziplock bag by ZF was nicely protected from scratches with protective films pasted all over the watch itself which I removed prior to taking the photos.

    Dimension wise, everything is accurate to the gen. Chrono function works great with good depress feel and reset function works brilliantly with flyback action. The double subdial on the 12 o'clock works (both the minute hand and the 12-hour counter dial hand), contrary to what others believed

    The Calfskin strap is 90% close to gen in terms of detail, quality and feel, with the rep feeling a bit stiffer (which I am ok with, understanding that we have to give-and-take at some point when dealing with reps).

    The clasp works perfectly very close to the gen, with a secure, firm and load clip sound when wearing the watch and closing the buckle to secure the watch onto the wrist.

    The lume is bright and clear, evenly applied across the markers with lume. Indices and numbers are accurately applied in great details.

    Sapphire glass is beautifully done with blue hue under light.

    Winding is firm and smooth. Screwdown crown function with no issue at all.

    The only downside for me is the difference in the 12 O'clock double sub dial, in which the gen has the inner dial countersunked while the reps have in pop-out slightly. But considering the fact that ZF able to modify the A7750 to have double sub dial working, I personally can overlook that part.

    All in all, the watch feels very solid and well built! Well-done ZF!

    Highly recommended to any IWC Top Gun lovers!

    Images are in the link here:

    Cheers to all! Thank you for taking the time to read my post!
    Last edited by galla07; 12-03-19, 14:39.

    Nice piece.

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      Cheers. Thanks for review!


        Thanks for the review and clarifications about the watch! This will be on my list. I am so impressed ZF got that subdial working with flyback function??? Wow


          Great review, I think I might have to pick up one of these. I used to have the 46mm version which I loved but it was a little large. I think this being a 44 will be perfect.


            JJS123 jjs123 mine is on it's way from TD, I'm happy to sell you mine. Im going to the military so I wont get to enjoy it


              I bought one of these for my brother last Christmas ……. He loves it and I gotta say, so do I!!
              Midnight Rider[S][/S]


                thanks for the review!


                  Because of your review i also ordered the watch and received the watchtoday. This is my first rep and so i wonder if it is normal that movement makes some noises when i move the watch?

                  Otherwise the watch looks great and i love it!


                    Originally posted by levinson22 View Post
                    Because of your review i also ordered the watch and received the watchtoday. This is my first rep and so i wonder if it is normal that movement makes some noises when i move the watch?

                    Otherwise the watch looks great and i love it!
                    Yes it's fine. It's just THE rotor sound of the A7750.


                      Hello gents,

                      first of all, many thanks for that great review, galla07!
                      I ordered mine yesterday, hard to wait for it..........

                      Besides the "issue" with the sunken / eraised / wrong subdial at 12, i like the watch A LOT!

                      The Big Pilot is too big for my wrist (unfortunately), i've tried it several times. In the end i'm happy to have the opportunity to get my hands on a wearable version.
                      Thus i like (the brand) IWC a lot due to it's military / avionic / masculine appearance it was an additional motivation to buy an example of the 389001 (and i'm also a even greater fan of FLAT colours...;-)

                      I like that Top Gun Version and i'm long enough in the "rep-game" to know about issues, flaws and / or discomfort of reps and to live with them. I'm really looking foreward to get it on my wrist.

                      THANKS, great Forum btw

                      Last edited by jochen70; 02-04-19, 07:28.


                        The incorrect 12oclock subdial isnt that bad looking in actuality. You can hardly see the flaw, and at certain angles and lighting's it actually seems sunken like gen. Macro blown up QC pics always spotlight the smallest of flaws


                          hey there. I recently picked up the IWC 3890-02 from Intime, and I love the look of the watch. Only thing I've noticed is that my seconds hand at 6 o'clock doesn't seem to work. Was expecting it to have a constant sweep, but it doesn't move at all. I had assumed from intime description that this was working correctly, did you have any problems in this regard? Any advice much appreciated!


                            Thanks a lot for sharing! The watch is on wishlist.