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After half a year Hublot Big Bang Full carbon Review

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    After half a year Hublot Big Bang Full carbon Review

    It happens to be half a Year from now on where I received my first replica.
    Wich is a Hublot Big Bang 44mm Full carbon fiber with the white lumed accents.

    I want to give a short overview how my first replica performed and if it was worth it.


    First some Stats ;-)

    Pls note that I did most of them in the first or second Week of my purchase and wasn`t that much into watches at the time.(probably don`t know anything even now :P)

    Accuracy of the watch wich lies longitudinally to the horizon after 24 hours : +2 sec +-0.5 sec

    Accuracy of the watch on the wrist after 24 hours : +2 sec +-0.5 sec

    Cronograph accuracy after 10 Hours Cronograph : -3 sec +-0.25 sec
    Watch : -2.5 sec +-0.25 sec

    Performence after 30 days ca.12 h on wrist 12 h in watch box : +61.5 sec +-0.25 sec
    (this does not include the other accuracy tests)

    Usage of the Cronograph in 6 months :

    I really wanted to test how long it would withstand my exessive usage
    and I am just stunned.
    I used it every time when I went to the Gym wich
    is 4 times a week to count the time for my set wich is 1min / 1min 25 sec
    depending on the exercise and also 2 min between each exercise.

    So Ive used it 99 Days 104-5 where I was sick and each day 28 times.
    3 sets 7 exercises + 7 pauses between the exercises.
    So I used it 2772 times.

    Now let`s come to the part of me actually wearing the Watch:
    • Rubberband is firm pretty comfortable over the complete day
    • More people than I thought noticed it is defnitly not a suttle watch
    • Becease of the carbon it`s pretty scratch resistent and even now it looks like its new(apart form the dust of course)

    Flaws from the beginning of my ownage Flaw Picture :
    1. Clasp is wobling a bit around but doesn`t concern wearebility (but it anoys me) Woble gap :
    2. Theres a tiny scratch on the upper part of the 4th hour marker
    3. Lume on 6th hour marker is not even (Lume still pretty strong a bit better than my 400 Euro Casio) Lume Hublot ; Casio: Both:
    4. The movement is pretty loud Back of the watch:

    Flaws comming with the months Flaw Picture :
    1. After 2 months the minute subdial wasn`t perfectly alined anymore
    2. The Rubberband has some wear on it
    After all I am extremly Happy with the watch and that I found out about this forum.

    Thank you for reading this review if you have any feedback I would be really glad about it. This is also my first review ever so I know I have much to improve (especially grammatics ;-) )
    and I already Purchased a couple of other watches (2gens and 3reps) and maybe want to review them to and make a rep vs gen comparison.

    Thanks for the thoughtful long-term review. Many people, myself included, often state their initial impressions but these longer-term reviews offer more insight. Thanks again!


      sad to see it go wobbly after sometime. glad to hear that the carbon itself is durable and doens't scratch


        Great review man. Long term reviews are rare and insightful. Thank you


          Originally posted by Btrash View Post
          sad to see it go wobbly after sometime. glad to hear that the carbon itself is durable and doens't scratch
          Thank you I also plan to do some Long term reviews for my Breitling and my tudor.