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GMF GMT-Master II 116710 LN v3

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    GMF GMT-Master II 116710 LN v3

    I've had my GMF GMT-Master II 116710 LN for a month now, so thought I'd drop a short review here, as I couldn't find much on it when searching myself. I ended up choosing the GMF version, after waiting sometime for the ARF to release some stock, but to date they still haven't released any of the 116710 LN. So, impatient, I opted for the GMF version.

    I ordered from PureTime, it took about a week for them to get the watch and send me the QC pics, and then 5 days to get from China to the UK.

    I've heled the gen version a few times, at a local second-hand dealers, and while the GMF version isn't the most accurate, it get's so much right on the surface that you don't go looking for other tells.
    • The dial is inky black and the print is sharp,
    • The hour markers and hands are nicely finished
    • The case feels solid
    • The SEL's are perfect
    • The weight feels right
    • The rehaut is correctly aligned and accurate
    • Finally, it has that beautiful shimmer you see on other fine timepieces when the light hits just right.

    Conversely, once you start to play with it, you reveal more of the telling features, mainly there is a bit of play on the bezel ring and moving the crown into position is very stiff. Yet, everyone I've handed it to hasn't bothered to check either of these, so not really a problem.

    There are a few other caveats I've noticed:
    • Cyclops - I think this is a caveat of all Rolex replicas, from what I've read, it actually doesn't bother me, but after picking up the gen and then picking up the rep, there is a very noticeable blue tint.
    • Bezel font - The bezel itself is very nicely finished, but the font is on the thin side, again, because it is so nicely finished it's only really a tell for those who know what the font should look like.
    • Buckle - The buckle sits flush with the clasp. While personally I think this looks nicer, the gen oyster bracelet has a slight gap between the buckle and the clasp.

    Regarding the movement, it should be the stable SA3186, which is the non time bomb version. I've set it once and has been accurate for the last month - so hoping it's solid.

    Hoping this is of some help!