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Took my payment. No watch. No manners

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    Originally posted by Hasanahmed View Post
    Exactly you cannot take the money back once it's left an account. The user has said his apology the issue is over. I will update tomorrow
    and just to clarify. This is a group that allows it's members to be racist without an automatic ban?
    This needs clarification on several points :

    As per transferwise FAQ, yes you can request for the money back if the status of the money is still pending. The only time Transferwise cannot credit the money back to the sender account is when the monies have been cleared and are credited to the receivers account.

    You have stated and confirmed that transferwise has the money. That being so, where is your unreserved apology that you have maligned Marvelous Replica by stating that he has "Took my payment. No Watch. No manners"?? Who gave you the right to live by a "higher than thou" code? Surely that would make you out to be the biggest bigoted racist here.

    It could well be possible that you purposefully requested the money back in the hope the watch has been sent out by the TD so you can score a free watch. Or you could have deliberately put down wrong details so that the funds will not clear, and, in the event that the TD sent out the watch, you would have gotten back your money and the watch too.

    We don't know you. But MR has been a trusted TD here and on other fora for some time. So history and precedence belong to him. Not to you. The onus is on you to prove that MR took your money. You did not, and by your own admittance, Transferwise have your money. If you have ascertained that first, perhaps you would have been more reticent in making such unfounded claims. Or, given your rhetoric and that of your banned buddy, truth would not have mattered an iota.

    The most galling part of you is your pompous assumption that anyone who disagrees with you and your religion is racist. Grow up. There are many here that has no belief in a god. They will poke fun at any and all who hold such faith. If you are unable to handle that, then perhaps your faith and your god is just that much smaller than you purport it to be. Besides, your belief is the only one that expressly states ( i.e. written clearly in your scriptures) that everyone who does not believe in god is an infidel, and that all infidels are to be killed and those who believe in god (Christians and Jews) need to pay your kind a tax. Take your brand of belief elsewhere. It has no place here or any other fora.


      Holy shit!


        Originally posted by Hasanahmed View Post
        -My religeon was brought up randomly. I did not bring it up.

        and no I won't forget about it. I'm more concerned at the racism and the response to the racism than my actual watch.

        I need a senior member to tell me the policy on racism in this forum. If The answer is that it is ignored that that's fine. You guys will get your wish and I won't post again in a forum like this. I'll wait for answer
        If I said all muslims are idiots, that's not being racist because being 'muslim' is not a race (there are white muslims, black muslims, brown, hispanic, asian etc...).

        Anyways, with that said.... you are apparently both.


          Enough guys. Stop questioning or judging other people's beliefs since most of us don't understand why they believe what they believe.

          I worship various hot MILFs, and my wife hates my rituals with them big time, but I don't consider her a racist. She just doesn't understand what I believe.
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            Originally posted by Interesting View Post

            This needs clarification on several points :
            As per transferwise FAQ, yes you can request for the money back if the status of the money is still pending. The only time Transferwise cannot credit the money back to the sender account is when the monies have been cleared and are credited to the receivers account.
            That is very good info regarding the "Transferwise" money "pending" and possible scam until it clears, to get a free watch. So, of course, the TD needed to wait for it to clear! It is getting very tiresome that some members seem to have this entitlement attitude! Back to watching the so-called "Impeachment Inquiry" to relax!


              People should not be mocking or belittling others for their beliefs or religion.

              I'm not afraid to say I get down on my knees every night and pray - I pray to a guy who knows how to get shit done.

              Just like George, I pray to Joe Pesci.

              For those of you who are looking for meaningful spiritual guidance:



                Originally posted by Warrcraft View Post
                Gentlemen, back to the point. What happened with the money transfer? Is it literally gone? Or, as l suspect, an issue of patience, and it sorting itself out?
                Currently MR and the OP are talking via email again.


                  Holy shit, this thread really got the best of a lot of you guys huh?

                  P.s. My avatar is from the movie Dictator because I thought it was funny .. but I will be changing that. I am neither Muslim nor a racist but I see it will only cause potential issues in the future.


                    Originally posted by Stuvetjee View Post

                    Currently MR and the OP are talking via email again.
                    Glad to hear that. Thank you.


                      Holy crap!
                      You know what i hate? having to lock threads, I can count on my fingers how many times I have but this is heading for shitzville at supersonic speed now.


                      Whilst there has been no racism here there sure to shit is some stuff that is bordering on religious discrimination and that won't fly. I'm not going to lock this thread but the next person I see who I consider has crossed the line is out the door, anyone care to estimate where that line may be? Bueller? Bueller? No? Good!

                      No comments off the original topic will be tolerated, alles klar?

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                      People always forget, the correct sequence is rape, pillage THEN burn. sfa437
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                      hmm - from what I know of Guanaco all he'll do is try to make the trouble more fun.... greg_r
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                      When you say modding, do you mean repeatedly hitting it with a hammer? Mickey Padge

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                        Originally posted by chocolito View Post
                        These kind of comments and behavior needs to stop. I don't think its acceptable to insult someone's religion whether you believe in religion or not. I think if there is nothing nice to be said you should keep your views and opinions to yourself.

                        @ Moderators i kindly request that you shouldn't allow people to insult each other or make comment's about ones physical appearance, gender, race, religion or any other kind of personal insult. It isn't appropriate.

                        You shouldn't critisisze someones religious beliefs i think that is a very insensitive and offense thing to do you only picked on his religion from his user name.

                        I think this issue is for the OP and Moderators to resolve without the rest of the members insulting the OP.

                        We are a community of watch enthusiasts and should be respectful polite and tolerant of one another. I have been away from this forum for a very long time due to being busy with work having kids and i haven't bought or sold a rep in almost 5 years overall it disappoints me to see bickering and arguing and comments like this. Where is the love people???
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                          So let me get this straight...and im paraphrasing here so please correct me if i'm mistaken at any point....

                          Hasanahmed: I paid for a watch, the TD didn't receive the money, TD refused to look in to the matter and told me to go to the police.
                          I cant investigate further because the bank will only speak to the account holder (TD).

                          TD: Customer added a comment with his payment discussing watches / replicas. His payment showed as pending and has since disappeared entirely.
                          Nothing more to be done if the payment doesn't go through.

                          Hasanahmed is then accused of scamming by a mod who later apologizes and all is well.

                          Str1xt: "dumb ass. You ain't going to heaven. And you ain't getting your 70 virgins either."

                          Hasanahmed: Whats with the racism / disrespect / mockery (pick whatever word you like) because of my religion? RWI allows this?

                          Whole bunch of people: That isnt racism / disrespect / mockery! (pick whatever word you like)

                          Someone defends Hasanahmed with a number of posts / PM's to the mods and is banned.


                          Did I miss anything?


                            You're missing that by post number 31 they both made peace exchanging their opinions.

                            Then the banned user started his post-bombing with the obvious result of being banned.

                            No need to try to put fuel on this discussion. Maybe there was a not so lucky joke but nothing more than that.

                            Can we move on and star to search again for the best sub?


                              I agree, the whole thing just didn't make sense the way it all played out.

                     whats the best sub out there right now???


                                Tucker seems to be fallen into a pit of ignorance - Cavemax

                                But in this underworld of rep watches,it is clear that the normal thing is to play with the luck of the Seller's roulette - j.m.mozos

                                I wanted this omega so bad :/
                                I opened the box and got a star wars shampoo...cookienc10