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Ceramic vs Aluminum for a ginault purchase

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    Ceramic vs Aluminum for a ginault purchase

    Sup guys,

    I'm going to get a Ginault Ocean Rover 2... but I'm stuck deciding on ceramic vs aluminum.

    I never had an aluminum bezel before. I would normally not question getting ceramic over it because ceramic seems to be the buzz for the last decade on the internet regarding watches. But the reason I am interested in an aluminum insert is because of the gold and navy blue insert:

    The ceramic version will not. It will have no gilt bezels at the moment. I would not get a gilt bezel without a gilt dial, so my option for ceramic is white dial/white indices on black ceramic bezel.

    No mock ups of the Ginault 2 yet, but it will have Sea Dweller indices. It will look somewhat like this:

    The black ceramic bezel would be beautiful, but the aluminum (primarily because of the color scheme) is calling to me.

    I am only hesitating cause it seems like aluminum is considered less luxury and less appealing than ceramic. I had just one ceramic watch before, an Oris Aquis, which I really liked and enjoyed the ceramic, but I have not had an aluminum. Would buying a $1k USD watch and choosing aluminum over ceramic be a bad idea? Should I stick with ceramic? Or does the Aluminum feel just as luxurious, but in a different way?
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    You should see the firestorm going on

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      BTW, (they wrote to me) the current lead time is 4-6 weeks just FYI...
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        Originally posted by VitZan View Post
        BTW, (they wrote to me) the current lead time is 4-6 weeks just FYI...
        You ordered one 2?


          TimeFocus link is of forum home page only?


            Originally posted by NathNight View Post

            You ordered one 2?
            I didn't order. I think I'll wait a few more months.


              I ordered two Ginault Ocean Rover IIs. After the “dumpster fire” discussion on Ginault’s legitimacy, with the assertions by the anonymous Deepdweller figure (who could be a single person or group asset of Rolex-affiliated interests for all we know), I became concerned and cancelled my orders.

              Then I read the document, many threads and thought about it a bit more. Ginault is in the homage business. It does not assert that its products are “Made in America” (which is a phrase protected under U.S. Law. Hand Built (aka assembled) is nothing new and Ginault is up front about their sourcing.

              Betty Crocket, Mavis Beacon, Stephen King, William Tell, Tokyo Rose, John Barron, Ann Taylor, and Juan Valdez.... they are all fictional names associated with brands, historical events, or products/works. If Ginault is another Shinola or James Bond, it really doesn’t matter to me. The Ginault trademark is approved as filed by Ginault LLC and there are innumerable pro-business and low tax states where an LLC can be established, like Wyoming. In any case, if Ginault had a shady start years ago and has come clean—good for them. That’s where my analysis ended up. I could argue the ethics of many companies out there.

              So I ordered two more Ginault Ocean Rover IIs (and a spare generation II bracelet which Ginault discounted for me). I figure I can use it somewhere, and it’s very well made.

              The first ORII is for me, a 201175LSICN with black ceramic bezel and blue lume. I figure it will work well in business attire or casual. The second is for my father, and is a 201875GSCN gold sands dial but with a blue ceramic bezel (Ginault agreed to do it) and green lume. I wanted to create contrast between the two watches (not for any particular reason).

              Totally separately, I also ordered a VHP GMT with dial 43MM bracelet model l37284766 because I wanted a HAQ +/- 5 secs/yr with GMT and the cool programming capability that doesn’t require Bluetooth. Sleep mode to preserve battery. Comfortable!
              This is my primary watch and I love it. The Ginault will be an occasional watch.

              Anyhoo, I just wanted to share my opinion. I don’t really care to debate my choice/opinion because in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a wrist watch.


                You almost have me convinced to reorder an ocean rover ii. I canceled mine during the storm.