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JLC Navy Seals Diver - Anywhere to get one replacement bracelet link?

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    JLC Navy Seals Diver - Anywhere to get one replacement bracelet link?

    This is my favorite watch that I own and I wear it every day. Sadly one of the rubberized links tore where the screws go through, and I have been completely unable to find where I stashed the links, I think I have lost them over the past few years of owning it.

    Really kicking myself, I literally turned the house upside down and can't find them.

    Does anyone know where I can source just one link?? Any TD that might be able to help me out?

    I was going to try and glue it back together but I know it is not going to hold, the rubber is too torn and only holding on by a miniscule amount. I also thought about getting a canvas or leather strap, but the notch on the head that the bracelet fits to is one of the big tells. I could get one of the OEM style leather straps that has a curved endlink, but I really do prefer the rubberized bracelet

    Also, I confirmed that the link is rubberized metal (stainless I think), but the section that the screws go through is rubber only - the screws do not go through the metal part of the link

    Alternatively, if anyone has any extra links, I would pay a pretty penny for just one ????

    Here's a photo of the torn link, it actually got a little worse than this by the time I got home but luckily I noticed before anything terrible happened like the watch crashing to the ground

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