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114300 904L SS ARF 904L SH3132 movement problem

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    114300 904L SS ARF 904L SH3132 movement problem

    At first sorry for my bad english.

    i have ordered the watch at Intime(15.10.2019) and it comes pretty fast. The qc pictures i get was looking Good.

    I get the watch yesterday (05.11.2019) quality was very nice.

    But after 1hour i checked the time and I wonder, the watch was 8min forward .

    So i Checked the seconds it works perfect. But the minute marker skips randoms minutes so in 60 it move from 4min-6min instead of 4min-5min.

    Over the night the watch was 30min forward and dont moving, i dont know how long the power reverce is But i thought i was more than 6hours.
    i write ryan a mail. And need to wait for any solution.

    Have you any ideas what i can do?! Do I have to be go a watchmaker?
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    SO i got an answer from Ryan. I could send it back by my own cost. but the return shippment will be free. Now im a little bvit nervous because customs. do you have any experience???



      Replace the movement locally or send it back. It is up to you. First option is more expensive but safer.