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First time buy with intime

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    First time buy with intime


    its my first time with intime.
    I ordered 2 items on 11/4/19

    I am a newbie about Bitcoin - still I prepared
    myself and set all up - as I understand the circumstances and advantages.

    Then the payment invoice came.

    Nervously and quick I bought bitcoin and payed immediately. Don’t want to have problems with the variation in bitcoin value.

    I sent email that I payed- then found out that
    I payed to much (my stupid, as I payed the $ price in €)

    I wrote that to intime.

    Received a mail from Ryan in which he asked if I payed the amount of x,xxx bitcoin -
    and named the exact right amount I paid in bitcoin.

    I wrote back yes and thatI payed to much, and asked he pls confirm the payment.

    Till now, no response and no @items [email protected] in my account yet. :-(

    I already asked repeatedly and sent pictures from order recipe and transfer bitcoin.

    No response.

    I understand that he must be very busy an am a very patient person, but the payment I really prefer to go smoothly and slick.

    Has someone has experience and can tell me it’s normal, or how to get responses from Ryan - intime?

    why the status in my account doesn’t change to payed? (No email and overpaid, at least the status would show me that they got my money, right?)

    Does Ryan work at weekend?

    Just don’t want to mess up have to be nervous so long over my free time and chill.

    thank you for info.

    Got my overpaid amount back, which is nice - thanks!

    Status in account is updated.
    Now I patiently (I do what I can) awaiting QC pics.

    Hopefully Ryan find some nice pieces ...



      I just placed an order and received with Ryan....I wanted a c sub. On miyota 9015 they excepted my payment a few days later ....the watch was not instock....upgraded me to an A2824 on a new better version sub! Hella happy watch came was perfect in my eyes ....I'd recommend him and deff will order from him again!


        I have contact already, got refund of overpay - all cool.
        its kinda, one have to get used to the TD, they are all different.

        have to know each other first, and built trust.
        think it's normal.

        I just try to deal with them all :-)find the best dealers for my style in the end for long term.
        I like to collect Reps.

        Waiting now for QC pics, hope will be fine ... :-)