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Hublot-v1 vs. v1-lite

This is a sticky topic.
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    Can anyone here help me determine the version of this watch. Thanks in advance.


      Great info


        This is a great comparison I'm glad you took them both apart I feel like I learned a lot from that thank you


          thanks for info


            thx for tips


              Cool thread, don't really agree with your evaluation of the roo bit your taste and to each his own, like them'all but I find most of them much better made and finished than hublot, not even talking about movements, of course talking about the gen here and not the reps, I know hublot is hated in many watch forums, for most of the reasons you stated, copying AP being the most seen, for me there is borrowing from the roo and the Patek nautilus with those ears lf the bb, but like I said if some like hublot fine, i just think ap make much higher end watches than hublot, but hublot has a lot of success in Asia and Russia, probably middle East also, they, are making efforts so good for them if people like them.


                So I believe I have a V1. Still works well, but wanting to upgrade to V6.5 due to now needing a new strap, and would like the Black date wheel.


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                  Originally posted by boco, post: 3485163, member: 44638
                  So I believe I have a V1. Still works well, but wanting to upgrade to V6.5 due to now needing a new strap, and would like the Black date wheel.

                  Hi. May I ask you from witch site you bought it ??? Thanks

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                    Originally posted by trksh-bzr, post: 669088, member: 23449
                    We all know the two magnificent reps, by many said to be made by same factory, by mainly the same parts.

                    -I was expecting a lite tempus to arrive, so I could compare the two. Unfortunately, the tempus wasn't shipped along with the rest of my order, so I ended op getting my ice bang first.
                    having had itchy fingers for 2 weeks, waiting to rip this apart, I coouldn't resist comparing my old v1 tempus to my v1-lite ice bang instead. This might cause some comparisons to be inaccurate, due to the 2 watches being different models, but for the most part the 2 models are the same watch, so for now we shall see what is different in the parts that are the same on the two.

                    The parts that are reasonable to compare on a tempus and a ice bang are:
                    The case
                    The bezel screws
                    The lug plate
                    The lug plate screws
                    The crown
                    The pushers
                    (internally most important)
                    The crystal
                    The strap
                    The clasp

                    the things, where I am not sure, that a comparison is reasonable between a tempus and an ice bang are:

                    The bezel, (tungsten/Titanium can be different to work with, might be the reason the bezel is different than tempus)
                    The rotor

                    Things that are different are:

                    The caseback
                    The dial and hands
                    The bezel colour

                    worry not!!

                    Let's start with the case :

                    the first thing I noticed was the piece of ceramic between the lugplate and the strap hole, was thinner. this is one of the reasons the lug plate sits recessed, and not raised as the gen, and the original V1.


                    The next thing is the surface on the "non ceramic/carbon" part. The lite being a more rough texture.

                    Next are the bezel H-screws:

                    Also here there's a difference, the lite being thicker than the V1.


                    On to the lug plates.

                    Again there is a difference in sixe and thickness, but both are interchangeable from v1 to v1-Lite.
                    The V1 has a thin plate, that slides under the bezel and keeps the lug flate fixed and straight, this is missing on the V1-Lite.
                    The length of the lugplate has been discussed on the forum, but the length is the same.


                    The lug plate screws:

                    The screws, much like the bezel screws are different in thickness.


                    The crown:

                    The crown on the V1-lite has flatter teeth, and is as such more accurate to gen than the V1. the plastic is slightly better on the V1, but hardly noticable.


                    The pushers:

                    The outer pushers have been covered so many times, I forgot to take a photo of it basically the V1 one has more accurate plastic tips, and the V1-lite has shorter plastic tips.
                    More interesstingly, the inner pusher has a totally different build, and is NOT interchangeable with V1 pushers.


                    The crystal:

                    The crystal is actually same thickness and appears similar , so there's a side shot of the V1-Lite crystal, and one of the Taka, and one of a TX collector, just for comparison.

                    I also did some shots of different hbb crystals to compare the AR.

                    (as a side note, I discovered that the V1-Lite crystal has a bigger bevel on the inside, than on the outside, and therefore looks taller if turned around, though the hight still remains a quater of a frog pube raised from the bezel.)
                    this V1-lite is turned around.

                    The bad TX Crystal only added to show how big difference there is on the " real " tx AR, and the unfortunate one he had.


                    The strap:

                    Not much to say here, the strap is the exact same in feel softness and size. (the one I have unfortunately smalls like the air con in an egyptian 1 star hotel) pure mold!-could be just mine, I dunno.


                    The clasp:

                    The clasp appears to be the same as well, so apart from the angle of the light on the pic, there should be no difference.


                    Now, the things where I am not sure if there is a difference on the V1 and the V1-Lite.

                    The bezel:

                    First note that the V1-Lite and the V1 bezel is interchabgeable, though they are installed with different screws.

                    The pattern on the V1 bezel side, is like a car tire, but on the ice bang that I have, the pattern is more like little pointy "pyramids. I know that the gen ice bang, has the same tire pattern as my tempus V1 bezel has, but I'm not sure if the original V1 ice bang has pointy pattern like the V1-Lite or tire pattern like the V1 or the gen.
                    Perhaps, because the ice bang bezel is a different material than the ceramic ones, the rep factories cant get the correct pattern in the ice bang.
                    I will know for sure when I get my V1-Lite tempus, if it has the same pointy pattern, then I assume the pointy pattern is just a lite issue, and not a general ice bang issue.


                    Another point where I am not sure if we have a V1-Lite vs. V1 difference, is the rotor.
                    the V1-Lite rotor is lighter colour than the V1, this could be general for the V1-Lite, but could also just be a ice bang thing.


                    THE END

                    P.S. let me add this little very simple mod

                    Couldn't resist this. - by making a small plate of kitchen aluminium foil, and installing it under the lug plate, you will make the lug plate sit raised as the V1 does.
                    Simple quick and it works!!!!!
                    The last pic, is the plate, that you cut into shape.

                    I hope you find this usefull

                    I will update when I get the V1-Lite tempus.


                    EDIT: aarh crap! I just noticed that I passed 2000 posts a short while ago....should have done this as number 2000