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HalCyon Straps: Latest strap offerings as at 19/4/2013

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  • HalCyon Straps: Latest strap offerings as at 19/4/2013

    I have a collection of Ammo pouches ready to be resurrected onto your wrist:

    To kick things off, here’s a beautiful readymade ammo:

    A beautiful Olive Tan Ammo color that’s pretty rare to find in these pouches. Perfectly balanced Patina and well aged.
    Size: 24 x 24, 130/85
    rich and creamy off white oatmeal stitches
    2 floating keepers
    Sewn in GPF style flat brushed buckle


    Light Tan Ammo
    Size: 24 x 24, 130/80
    rich and creamy off white oatmeal stitches
    2 floating keepers
    Screw in Ti coated Stainless steel buckle from H18 (optional, Add: USD30)

    USD140 without buckle

    Here's something i built inspired by the release of the stealthy PAM332 Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante... ONLY 1 PIECE AVAILABLE!!!

    HalCyon Alcantara 332

    Size: 24 x 24, 130/80
    Blue threads in an open ended stitch configuration
    2 floating keepers
    Sewn in Pre V PVD buckle

    SPECIAL PRICE: ONLY USD120 PayPal'd and shipped worldwide via registered airmail

    Price is inclusive of PayPal fees and shipping via standard registered airmail is included.

    Here is a prototype strap made from a new leather I’m trying out... it’s a very nice vintage olive green color that perfectly matches most pams. the color is quite amazing in person. It has been mounted once but it’s as good as new. perfect for 6.5" wrists and up.

    Size: 24 x 24, 130/85
    Special offer for this prototype: ONLY USD80 PP as GIFT and shipped worldwide via reg airmail.

    Introducing a historic collector series of one-off creations using some rare findings which I've sourced over the last couple of months

    HalCyon’s Reserva Privada #3

    Prime Cutz Big Ridge Vero Squalo (Genuine Shark Hide)
    ol skool 5218-2 buckle (8+ years old)
    Classic box up stitches using golden tan threads
    2 floating keepers.

    Size: 24 x 24, 125/85


    HalCyon Reserva Privada #6
    Italian oak barrel Tanned hide that is soft, supple yet tough with an amazing potential to develop a beautiful patina over time.
    classic three fold sandwich construction on the buckle side
    Edges of the strap are left raw and hand burnished to perfection.
    A rare unfinished stainless steel flat GPF Flat styled sewn in buckle
    1 fixed keeper looped in together with the buckle and 1 floating keepers to keep the strap secured.
    Natural oatmeal threads in open stitched configuration
    Size: 24 x 24,130/85


    HalCyon Reserva Privada #7
    Rare Rifle Sling Ammo... will develop an awesome dark patina
    Raw edges burnished to perfection
    Rare DiStefano AMMO engraved GPF Flat style unfinished buckle
    2 floating keepers
    Natural oatmeal threads in open stitched configuration
    Size: 24 x 24, 130/80


    Please email me at [email protected]

    Thanks guys!

  • HalCyon
    the Light tan ammo is sold, the prototype olive green is sold, the olive tan mauser is pending payment.

    the 332 is on sale now at only USD90 PP as gift or add 4% and shiopping is on me and the Reserva Privada's are still available... pricey yes! but once you get your hands on one you will not regret it!

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