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Genuine Kermit? - Just checking?

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    Genuine Kermit? - Just checking?

    I thought there was a ‘genuine/fake’ channel, apologies mods if this is in the wrong spot...


    Looks like a nice Kermit, i’ve been interested in these recently since they’re different to ‘your standard sub’ so to speak. If anybody has any thoughts on the advert, knows the seller, knows the right questions to ask before purchase, please let me know.

    After getting a chance to try on a 30 yr old sub of my birth year, it’s reminded me how much I like these dive watches, but rather than get 30yr old mechanics, I’m happy to settle for maybe 10+ years with a different bezel! Lol

    Anyhow, thoughts and feedback appreciated. Thanks folks

    Perfect watch so a pointless post!

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      Looks like a Mark VIII, which is one of the latest for the 16610LV. The bezel insert and date font seem correct, but what would make me skeptical is that these parts are exactly what needs to be changed on a JF SH3135 Kermit release if one wanted to pass a first inspection. Then of course the whole case would be wrong, but it could still be reshaped to gen specs.

      What you could ask for is clear pictures of the rehaut and lug engravings, which would be much more definitive. Or ask tripdog for a quick Yes/No answer


        * I mean the first JF release that had the rehaut engraving.


          The clasp logo looks like JF....



            I’ve attached a collection of some more photos from the seller, along with a video too. In terms of ‘buying the seller’ I trust him. Provenance is apparently was previously owned by 1 jewellery shop owner before he bought it....



            Any extra feedback or opinions are welcome.

            Thanks again RWI!


              Looks gen

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                Everything looks in order as far as I can see from here. as long as you buy the seller first would you seem like you have. If you have concerns after you buy it you can always send it to Rolex to have it authenticated, but I have a feeling that's not going to be an issue with this one
                My wish list:
                Panerai OP VIII movement (7750 with GMT complication)


                  As already said it is gen all day long! And Avery nice example too. What is the price?
                  Just seen it Is $13.9. Top money but it looks good.

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                    Thanks for the feedback folks. Appreciate it, i asked reddit and they were slightly more pessimistic, but i trust this group a lot more.

                    Yep, she’s not cheap, but she’s not for ‘flipping’ more for wearing and enjoying. Probably post some pics when the deal gets done and it arrives!