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Dan Henry 1939

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    Dan Henry 1939

    So guys I just recieved my latest purchase a watch I`ve been looking at for a while now and on sunday I bought it....

    Just about 40 min ago UPS knocked on my door and gave it to me came in a very nice package have a look

    and inside it looked like this

    Opened it up and here we go

    And here is my new watch in it`s glory

    Back looks nice too

    So this model is an homage to an Omega called Chronograph Tachy-Telemeter from 1943 looking like this

    I`m really happy with this watch so for now it stays on my arm

    Nice piece, just went to their site. As a dive watch guy their diver has a nice look, and with a dome with auto at 44mm may take the plunge on it.


      Go for it mate and then show it to us


        Let`s have another look at this beauty!


          Great watch, love their watches. Have you looked into Undone yet? They have a great watch builder I played with for days.


            Awesome looking watch....

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              I am also wearing it at the moment

              Verstuurd vanaf mijn EML-L29 met Tapatalk


                great looking watch! what do you think of the white dial vs black dial?


                  ended up getting the black dial, looks awesome!