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Original Breitling Blackbird

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    Original Breitling Blackbird

    Just picked this beauty up @ a great price..I like this 1 better than the new blackbird, its more like the chronomat with a stealthy look..Here's a few pics, enjoy!

    Note to admin: If you want me to resize the pictures smaller drop me a PM or reply in the thread

    Sweet Dave! I always said it reminds me of my B-2. The date font looks good and the position of the date window at 3 o'clock keeps it from being recessed.

    It's a same we have but one wrist to wear these beaties on.
    The best revenge is living well.

    By watchbuff


    Bell and Ross 03-88 Aviation Type
    Breitling B-2
    Lum Tec Combat B-1
    Lum Tec M-15
    Lum Tec Lumzilla
    Movado Stainless
    Tissot T- Touch titanium
    Stowa Pro Diver
    Luminox 3053 custom by Flav
    Casio ProTrek titanium
    Casio G-Shock - Hydro Conversion
    Seiko Orange Monster
    Seiko Black Monster (Custom Lume Bezel)
    Hamilton Khaki Aviation 7750
    Classic Swatch GK104

    DSN PAM 111H Ultimate Jimmy Fu case Palp crown

    Gen Bell and Ross 01-92 (For a Breitling Emergency)
    Gen Breitling Emergency (Sold outright)
    Too many rep Submariners, and Noobmariners to count (Sold, destroyed, modded and parted)
    MBW GMT II with Coke bezel, gen box tags and gen Pepsi bezel spare. (sold)
    Rep Pam 005 (Sold)
    Rep Omega Seamaster Professional ala Fakey (Sold)
    Rep Omega Broad Arrow White (sold- and missing it)


      Upping an old thread, everyone keep saying that the watch used by kurt russell in Stargate is a Sirius but I believe it's this exact model. A chronomat Blackbird. How much did you pay for that?