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Anyone into Seiko divers?

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    Doesn't look much like a 007 after Harold was done with it. Orange today for Halloween.


    "First you have to think what this hobby means to you. Is it all about deceiving people, being anal about small details... or is it just general "watch love"? I can honestly pick up the latter. Nobody has ever asked if my watches are genuine or not... even Rolexes." By-Tor

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      My first decent watch was a Seiko Pogue chrono bought about 40 years ago.

      It got stolen and I replaced it with one of the early LCD watches that were popular in the late 70's... I still have that watch and found the exact same watch in as new condition and in gold plate where my original was of course SS.

      I have not owned a Seiko since until just a couple weeks ago.

      In one week I bought an orange "Mini Monster" with a rubber Inox Searacer strap. I bought the limited edition "Blue Monster" Anniversary model and I am awaiting an Anvil 5 link SS strap w/ Seiko clasp from an Asian dealer (hope to have it any day and replace the gawd-awful ugly blue rubber strap it came with.

      And just last week I landed a new Neo / "Mini Monster" with the black face and black / red bezel markers anjd the Seiko SS bracelet. I got it for about $130US shipped.

      They are fantastic value and the automatic movements in them are bulletproof. No hacking on the Minis but the anniversary model has it.

      Will post pics of all 3 when I get them all together.




        I can agree they are great watches for the money! Here's mine with dagaz domed crystal and dagaz hands.
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          Picked this up off wus. 007 mod from yobokies


            I love my latest one:

            If in doubt, add #sarcasm to the above text.


              Just got my Yokobies "Anvil" bracelet from Harold in Singapore (Yokobies) Gave it a chain lube bath and its like silk! I thinks there still some "shmoo" on it near the bottom left lug. LOL! It takes forever to get the watch clean after that treatment.

              I paid extra for the genuine Seiko clasp and it looks soooo much better than that fugly blue rubber strap the 10th Anniversary comes with. Plus that stock strap was big enough to put around my bicep.

              I also just took delivery of my black face Neo with the red & black numerals on the silver bezel. 3 and counting!






                  I purhased my SKX007 in year 2000. My first Automatic watch. A bit too small for my wrist after wearing many 47mm watches. I decided to mod it, purchased a few parts here and there. Just finished modding it yesterday. The only thing original is the main case, crown, movement, and chapter ring. Not too sure if it's still as waterproof as before, I don't have the equipment to test it.


                    Here's another mod on my SKX007.


                      All I have is a baby blue monster but I'm really interested in adding more divers to the collection. These are classics


                        Excellent photos @zulu123 Mind sharing your lighting setup? Broke my light box a few weeks ago and need to figure out a new solution.

                        Absolutely love Seiko. SKX007 is one of my all time favorites. Would pick up another one if I could ever figure out which mods I'd want to have done.

                        Grand Seiko SBGA011 or SBGX115 will most likely be next high end (for me) gen purchase.
                        "The lovely toy so fiercely sought hath lost its charm by being caught."



                          Turrrrrrrrtle....Turrrrrrrrrtle. TurtleTurtleTurtleTurtle.
                          SRP775 Has sentimental value now. Went snorkeling in Cozumel with me on last cruise to Mexico. [emoji924]

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                            I absolutely love my seiko divers!


                              I absolutely love my seiko divers!

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                                My newest seiko I love it
                                Also have orange monster and an 007

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                                For all that is good in the world read the sales rules BEFORE making a sale

                                sub4me You should buy from TxThrob, he has his own thread here.