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Maen Hudson 38

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    Maen Hudson 38

    Has anyone here bought one ? It looks really well and as I have a wrist on the smaller size and not sure if I can buy a Tudor 58 without my wife notice the creditcard Ive been thinking about it!

    I'm pleased with mine. The bracelet is its weak spot. For the price, I will live with it.

    "First you have to think what this hobby means to you. Is it all about deceiving people, being anal about small details... or is it just general "watch love"? I can honestly pick up the latter. Nobody has ever asked if my watches are genuine or not... even Rolexes." By-Tor

    "I was going to say that the balls BB posted looked very smooth and shiny, but you've ruined my mood." frigpig

    "I know. I'm sorry s e a d going to pay closer aggression to what I'm typing from now on." egroegart

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