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GUG #8: Sinn Flieger 756

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    Originally posted by guru
    I love that watch, I wish it would be 44 mm
    ... or larger.
    Good looking watch nevertheless.
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      There are a few of the newer Sinn models that are around 43mm. Why do I see so few Sinns in the rep market?


        Originally posted by Dr.verylong, post: 423514
        Regarding cost: They are expensive, but not that much. The 657 e.g. is 770,00 Euro (roughly 1.029 USD) (Source: ... ll657)

        The Sinn watches are very nice. They come from Frankfurt, Germany, and therefore Lufthansa (also based in FRA) is promoting them (sort of) as well. You can find Sinn watches in the Miles&More catalogue with special promotions (at least in the German catalogue). Although I strongly believe, that all the Lufthansa pilots have reps. At least the stewardesses all wear fake Rolex'

        I found the Sinn 356 very nice, and I would like to purchase from that site (I am in US) but I don't read any German unfortunately. Does that site accept order from US and how much will the shipping cost to ship to California? Is the site legit?

        This is the watch I am interesting
        930,00 Euro is about $1,400 right now, which seems to be a good deal than buying from the US only online AD (the price is nearly double on

        I also went to Sinn's own website (, and found some of the "Financial District Watches" series (model 6xxx) very nice (, and it seems like those even come with Box set as well. Where can I get one of those online at reasonable price?


          The original Finanzplatz watch is sold out unfortunately. I saw one on Ebay recently and it went for 2.000 Euro in good condition. I had the watch in my hands once - very nice piece.

          I wished they'd rep the 756 though.
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            Love that strap!!!!! Great looking watch!
            Did you see that, they went right thru our road block!! You twits couldn't close an umbrella!


              Beautiful watch!

              What's the circular mark by the 9?

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                For a sticky, I think the pics should have the links repaired. Just my $0.02


                  Sinn watches my favourite on budget. Hamilton makes a quality watches for the reasonable price.