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GUG #8: Sinn Flieger 756

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    GUG #8: Sinn Flieger 756

    All the info below have been pilfered from various websites.

    My particular watch usually can't be found for a grand, but some models in the same line
    of Sinn Fliegers can be second hand.
    For reference sake:
    1. Sinn 556
    a. ETA 2824-2
    b. stainless steel
    2. Sinn 656
    a. ETA 2824-2
    b. sandblasted SS case
    c. 657: addition of rotating bezel
    3. Sinn 756
    a. ETA 7750
    b. tegiment steel technology:The case has a thin outer layer of special anti-corrosive stainless steel which is also used in surgical implants. This protective shell is hardened to 1,200 Vickers (4 times harder than the regular stainless steel used in other watches). In comparison, the first series' case was hardened to 700 Vickers.
    c. 757: addition of rotating bezel
    d. 756, 757 UTC: addition of GMT complication
    e. 756, 757 UTC DIAPAL: chronograph with a completely lubricant free escapement, which is a world first. Every wristwatch requires a service every few years as the escapement wheels and pallets need lubricating to avoid friction. Sinn used the technological innovations of the space program to develop a lubrication free escapement called DIAPAL, which is a reference to the friction reducing technique of replacing the ruby pallet stones with diamonds, hence the name DIAmond PALlets. The diamond pallets are then fitted to the traditional movements, in this case the Valjoux 7750, so you have the tried and tested Valjoux 7750, which is the world standard for automatic chronographs, which has been modified with space age technology to make it friction free. This is a technology which has been years in the making at the Sinn labs.
    4. Sinn 856, 857 UTC
    a. ETA 2893-2
    The above models also come in PVD-ish finish as well. Along with strap or bracelet.
    After its establishment, the company constructed instrumental watches and watches for pilots based on Mr. Sinn's extensive aviation experience, that was primarily based on dissatisfaction with the flight watches that were available for pilot and navigational purposes at that time. Sinn's own designs incorporated the features and functionality that he felt more fit for the purpose as an instrument watch. This design philosophy has transcended the company's culture right through to the present day.
    Solely selling the watches with direct marketing, thereby avoiding additional costs of trade, Sinn was able to sell its watches with a very good price/performance ratio. The watches were manufactured as OEM products in Switzerland according to Sinn's specifications and very popular among pilots because of their outstanding quality and design.
    In 1994, Helmut Sinn sold the company to Dipl.-Ing. Lothar Schmidt, who constructed watches in the Porsche-Design Team in the 1970s and later on was authorized officer of the IWC. Among other things, Schmidt designed watch cases made from titanium for the IWC and after 1990 he was responsible for the rebuilding of the IWC brand A. Lange & Söhne.
    Schmidt changed the name of the company to Sinn - Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt - (special watches from Frankfurt) and created a new range of watch models.
    Today, as many as 10,000 watches are sold per year and the direct marketing has been expanded by establishing depots where watches are sold outside of Frankfurt.
    Some years after he sold his company, Helmut Sinn returned to the watch business, building and selling watches of the brands Guinand, Jubilar und Chronosport in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. From 1993 to 2002, Sinn also produced watches for Bell & Ross

    The models 756 and 756 UTC are much more than the Chronograph variants of the pilot watch 656. Apart from being a completely unique watch, designed like not other watch past and present, new materials and new technologies take these models to another level of design and robustness. The cases are steel distortion-free ice-hardened and reached with it a hardness of 60 HRC (Rockwell) and/or 710 HV. This corresponds to a three to quadruple hardness compared with normal nickeliferous high-grade steel. The new patented crown and pusher system of the 756 was designed to prohibit any moisture building in the case. The pusher seals sit one behind another and lubricated by a self-lubrication system almost makes the case impenetrable by water or moisture. The case does have a copper sulphate capsule which when reacts with moisture diffuses the humidity and therefore protecting the glass from condensation clouding. The jewels in the 756 7750 movement are lubricated with a special oil 66228 with a temperature range guarantee from minus 45 degrees to plus 80 degrees. The black on black emblem on the dial of the 756 at the 9 o'clock position is representative of the magnetic field core in the watch which symbolises the protection of the movement up 1000 gauss .The highly-regarded and precise Swiss Movement the Valjoux 7750 forms a sound base for the time keeping capabilities of this model . Also the high resolution dial with the anti reflective sapphire crystal glass guarantees good legibility in most if not all light conditions. Sapphire crystal, screw down crown and 20 ATM water resistant. Width is 40 mm excluding crown and 45 mm including crown Lug to lug is 47 mm, Thickness is 14 mm.

    So I recently acquired the Sinn Flieger 756 via trade with a great member. It is on a GENUINE IWC UTC buffalo strap w. Sinn deployment.

    Some wristies:

    Solo shots:

    With my 3717-02: See how similar the Di-Modell Chronissimo strap looks to the gen IWC...I believe they used to make straps for IWC

    My impressions:
    This is my first Sinn and I'm impressed. Stylish, functional...everything you want from a tool watch. The date is very small so not to detract from the aviation instrument dial.

    Re: PICTORIAL REVIEW: Sinn Flieger 756

    any other Sinn owners out there?


      Re: PICTORIAL REVIEW: Sinn Flieger 756


      Sinn 756, 203 Ti Jubiläum and Sinn U2 S.


        Re: PICTORIAL REVIEW: Sinn Flieger 756

        Stunning watch... I've nearly purchased one several times only to be out-bid at the last second. It sits right at the top of my most wanted gen list.


          Re: PICTORIAL REVIEW: Sinn Flieger 756

          I love Sinn Watches.

          Beautiful watch and great post, I'll start to search for sinn watches.

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            Re: PICTORIAL REVIEW: Sinn Flieger 756

            Any advice for those just starting to get into replica collecting?
            Yes. Stay away. Stay very far way. Use your money on something more productive and less addictive like, say, blow, midgets and hookers.

            Say it with me! Say it loud! Say it proud! Say it so google picks up the search terms!! Replica Watch Forum!! Replica Watch Forum!! Replica Watch Forum!!!

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              Any one knows where I can find this watch in US?

              Prefer Miami or Orlando.

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                I thought these ran $2500- to $3000- traditionally.
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                  I love that watch, I wish it would be 44 mm



                    Hmm... Its interesting that you said Sinn made straps for IWC... *googles*


                      US based Sinn AD is online only. It's


                        Originally posted by takashi
                        US based Sinn AD is online only. It's
                        taka, you had some Sinn's in your display case if i remember correctly. does anyone make good reps?

                        and dylan those are nice pictures of two beauties i would like to have some day. :mrgreen:

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                          a pure instruments watch, plain and simple.

                          great looks. no kidding, i remember seeing this watch years ago in germany for 950 Euro.
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                          totally worn out, shouting :

                          'Holy S h i t, What a Ride !!!"

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                            I just picked up a Sinn U1 off of Ebay. I thought I had pretty well prepped myself before I bought it, but I was floored when I opened the box. It is a striking watch. Now I want an 857.


                              Regarding cost: They are expensive, but not that much. The 657 e.g. is 770,00 Euro (roughly 1.029 USD) (Source: ... ll657.html)

                              The Sinn watches are very nice. They come from Frankfurt, Germany, and therefore Lufthansa (also based in FRA) is promoting them (sort of) as well. You can find Sinn watches in the Miles&More catalogue with special promotions (at least in the German catalogue). Although I strongly believe, that all the Lufthansa pilots have reps. At least the stewardesses all wear fake Rolex'

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