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New Order and New Member (help with courtesy on QC pics)

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    New Order and New Member (help with courtesy on QC pics)

    Hey guys!

    This is my first order. I ordered a blue omega 300m in full rose gold (sedna) from Ryan from Intime. There was a little hiccup in communication at the beginning of the order but otherwise he has been great.

    I was just sent QC pictures and, from the lighting in the photos, it looks like it is a yellow gold watch NOT a rose gold watch. I have responded to Ryan and asked that he confirm that it is in fact the rose gold version.

    What is the proper procedure in posting QC pictures and where can I post them? I am thinking the proper location is under his reviews tab?

    Thank you!


    You can't post QC pictures as they are for your own eyes, having gleaned sufficient information to make an informed choice by you to say yes or no.


      Okay thank you for letting me know.

      I will wait to see how Ryan explains it and I may ask a question under the buyer reviews post I had started.

      Thank you for your help!


        I'll contradict beau7816 here and say QC pics can be posted as long as you have a genuine concern over a specific issue of a watch,

        they cannot not be posted as a general "this look OK to you" type of question.

        see what Ryan's reply is and if you are still not convinced post a picture and ask the forum


          Okay, great. Thank you both for your help.

          I asked Ryan and he said it was a lighting issue and he will provide me more pictures soon.

          I will post those if I find the color to be dissimilar to the RG variant.


            Ryan got back to me. He has been great.

            Unfortunately, the watch still appears to be yellow gold in the photos he provided. I am hoping this is just a flash/lighting issue because I have seen the full RG variant and it looks like its actual rose gold.

            I have asked him if I can see photos without the flash, or photos in natural light. I hope that is not unreasonable.

            Alternatively, I may post the photos and ask opinions.

            What do y’all think is the best course of action?


              Post a picture of the watch on here. As for your request, a picture without the flash isn't unreasonable.



                Those above are the original pictures. After I voiced my concern, he gave me these below.

                And for reference, the original watch below.

                Thank you for everyone's help here.


                  Doesn't look like Rose Gold to me - certainly very different to the gen pic you posted and the rep does look yellow.


                    It looks like yellow gold on my screen.


                      Yellow on my screen too


                        Is there a yellow gold one produced?