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Question about Franken options

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    Question about Franken options

    Hi all

    Been looking through post and the guide but cant seem to find these answers.

    I see that guides and some posters refer to franken watches. But I cant seem to find any information on how to go about getting these custom features added to the watch or what options dealer offer to be added like gen arms, bezel, Ect.

    Can anyone help with what gen parts you can add to the watch and how you go about telling the dealer that's what your looking for with out waiting to much of their time. I want to try and get a super Rep

    Hefes32 Look in the for sale gen section.


      If you have a rep watch that will work with gen parts, you'll need to source the gen parts yourself and either have a watch maker add them or you can do it yourself if youryo handy. There are quite a few forum members here who are known to do this kind of work for a few.


        And make sure the rep you want will take gen parts...not all reps are compatible with gen parts


          Step one, look for ones that have been done and there's known compatibility with genuine parts, step two, search for the parts to get an idea of cost and availability, step three, buy base watch, step four, search for the parts and buy them, step five, find a watchsmith to build it...this you should research when you are looking at builds so you know who is available and the quality of the work. I'm leaving a lot out but that gives you a basic outline. often times finding the genuine parts entails knowing the correct people otherwise you'll be paying a ridiculous premium
          My wish list: gen components...
          Breitling Datora Montibrilliant dial, older style

          Breitling B13 date wheel

          Panerai OP VIII movement