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Noob to Noob: welcome and getting to know the rep culture...

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  • Noob to Noob: welcome and getting to know the rep culture...

    I'm essentially new to this forum, having initially spent most of my time at rwg2 which was the first place I stumbled into. I'm also a relative noob to the rep world as well, yet in a rather short time I've come to a certain realization that most noobs perhaps haven't yet discovered: you have no idea how lucky you are to have found rwi or one of the other good rep fora. before i bumbled into this place, i was independently doing my own research into reps & rep dealers, and i almost pulled the trigger a couple of times due to various "neutral review boards" and the innumerable slick and polished websites out there. but something just never felt right, so i'd wait. And then my research started turning up consumer board after consumer board of screwed buyers who've lost hundreds, if not thousands, of $$$'s buying and randomly testing the market, hoping to get lucky. There were nightmare buyer stories of months wasted fruitlessly chasing shadow numbers and downed websites, and subsequent credit card fraud and phishing (some of those poor victims find their way here, and they sure as s**t know the value of this place ever after). i myself just about walked away entirely from reps until a buyer i PM'd on youtube wrote me back and said "GO HERE". i signed up, skeptical as s**t now, and started reading and reading...and reading. well, actually, first i stomped in and on my first post basically said, "hello, i'm new, who's the best dealer?, cuz i'd like a swiss grade A+++++ 1:1 rep tomorrow please", like practically every other noob. then i started reading dealer reviews and rep reviews and movement reviews, and all the 'intro to the rep world for noobs' threads, until i finally caught on that all of this is well-travelled territory: everyone once was and understands what it's like to be a noob and skeptical and anxious about what to buy and from whom and is it safe and when will i get my watch?!

    you just gotta take your time, read the reference resources, use the 'search' function first (it's staggering just how many answers you'll find for just about every question) and then, if no luck, ask. i, and every similar thread i've ever read, have never gotten anything less than the most courteous, helpful, and thorough answers from some of the most ridiculously knowledgeable watch people, regardless of how obscure or cherry my question was. and all that knowledge, expertise, and experience is found here, in one place.

    and what's even more ridiculous is that this forum n others have their very own list of long-tested, reputable dealers, with volumes of buyer history to review and rely on. all of which means you can buy with confidence in an illegal trade. UNREAL. will there be some shipping issues?, possibly. will there be some customs issues?, maybe. will there be some eventual product issues?, almost certainly (i own some gens and it's not like those issues don't happen on that side either). but do you have to worry about being scammed out of your money and wasting months chasing down ghosts and worry about your identity being stolen?, nope. no. nuh uh. So step back, breathe, and take that peace of mind to the bank. every dealer here is accountable, very publicly, with many past, present, and future clients watching intently. Even if you don't believe they're good people, then believe that they're not going to risk their overall business just so that they can screw you out of a couple of watches. take note: ALL the reps come from the same factories; it's themselves they're selling to us as dealers.

    Now I've personally taken my time and purchased only a small number of reps thus far. Each time, it's a little less nerve-racking, you're more sure of the process, and it gets more and more to just be that great anticipation you rarely get as an adult - like a kid waiting for Xmas to come. The anticipation, I believe, is just damn good for you and should be sort of enjoyed and savored in our world of immediate gratification and expectations.

    and my fellow noobs, try to remember who/what you're dealing with on the other side. these are not corporations with customer service personnel routed throughout the world 24/7. it's just some dude, 15 timezones away, who eats and sleeps and plays sometimes, trying to lead his/her own life, usually working 7 days a weeks most of the year (or at least, way way harder than i work!). they're fielding dozens upon dozens of emails each day, many of them frantic and increasingly unpleasant, often regarding issues they have absolutely no control over. if you want the quicker and more polished operation, then buy from one of the dropshippers here. but if you want them to handle YOUR rep, or source something different or less common, making sure you approve prior to shipping, then that requires time and attention, and you're not the only guy in the world buying, brother.

    i got the following quote from an old post from Eddie Lee, a legendary dealer now retired, who was very respected for his client service, his product, and his integrity. i wish i'd gotten the chance to know him and buy from him. from what i read about him, it would've been fun to be his friend and a client...

    Eddie Lee:
    The case is too big,,,even the case is the right size. By the case----is the size without the crown…..i had 2 chargeback because not as described….the buyers include the crown guard….when doing the measuring…
    The dial is too flat., even it is the same jet black as original
    The hologram is not perfect, even the hologram is pretty well made already.
    The font is 0.05nm too think, too short, tooo long….
    The noise from the automatic rotor is too loud…as loud as the 747 jet plane engines.
    The crystal is too flat, too round, too dome, too this or that.
    The lever is too loose, or too tight.
    The bezel is too tight.
    The bezel is too loose
    The band is too cheap.
    The bracelet is too light
    The bracelet is too heavy, not like original which weighs 20 grams,,,while the rep bracelet weighs 21 gram.
    The second hand is too jerky, not sweeping like original
    The hour hand is not radioactive like original
    The min hand is not plutonium plated like watches from Pluto.
    The dial is not as luminous as my Seiko or my original 90,000usd Breguet
    The case is too light , feel cheap, and not made of lead like your diving belt
    The leather is like plastic,but more like my pam Anderson inflatable love doll.
    The buckle is 0.12942588341244mm too fat.
    The case back is not right…because the serial is written on 10 oclcok while the original is written at 6 oclock ( dude,,,u need to rotate the case back if u like,,,,,)
    The hologram number is 1 letter extra.
    The tracking is not working,,,,are you trying to scam me????
    The bezel click sound is cheap like plastic….original is more like pitching at 64hz frequency.
    How the fxxk you adjust the links on my ralex bracelet? Why screwdriver not included?
    How do I get the bracelet off? This is a piece of sxxt….!!!
    FXXKER,,,, the piece is not working.,….( handwind…dude….u need to handwind the movt)
    FXXXKER,,,,why the piece is not running ? ( 7750b1,,,,did you read my “mad cow†procedure for 7750b1, 7753, 7750, 21j ?)
    This is a disaster!!!! It has been 3 weeks,,,why no watch yet? ( u have to go to post office to get it….u were not at home….that is why…..)
    Where the fxxxk is the tracking??????
    If you don’t return my email now, I will call paypal now!
    If you don’t send me tracking, I will go for chargeback
    If you don’t replace it, I will go to forum and tell everyone.,,,,( even the buyers have wore the item for over 3 months or longer,,,,etc,,,)
    Why custom stop my package? Because it is their jobs.
    Why has custom issue,…because replica is illegal
    Why other sellers never have custom issues? Because they are smart, me as a seller is dumb,,,I write “ fake replica 100usd rolex “ on the declaration form.
    Why I have to pay taxes? Because your govt needs taxes.

    My points …
    You want to avoid these issues. Please buy the genuine one
    If i or any sellers mentioned, we will get you the parts. U will get the parts. It just takes time.
    You, just relax and wait for the piece to arrive. Don’t keep on asking for tracking. Not all tracking are working.
    You want to take your pieces to go swimming ? I will say…go ahead.
    ( But I did not say it will survive after the swim)
    Don’t ask any seller why your pieces are not waterproof to 200m like original.
    Be happy what you have now. You can always go outside the forum to venture out if you wish. All sellers on board have life outside the forums. Some like to party, some like to talk to chicks, some like to go drinking, some like to smoke some herbal medicine daily for “therapeutic reasonâ€, some like to get lucky on pay day….etc…..same as you, as a buyer. ---we all have life beside the forums.

    We don’t return emails not because we did not receive your emails. We are just ignoring you, because in the last 24 hours, you have shooted over 50 mails to my account talking the same thing. We all will do our best to get you the parts, support, and service we can afford to offer. When we have tracking, we will forward you.

    In short, be cool, maintain your cool, and relax.

    I just received a royal treatment from a forum member. A paypal chargeback. Because it did not EXCEED his expectation.

    In other words, friends, it's a big world out there, with many sides (and cultures) to the story. Just like when you're surfing or kiteboarding in an unfamiliar spot, get to know your way around a little (the landscape/shorebreak and the locals) before you just start thrashing about... the real question is, who's the best dealer here to get me a 1:1?!

  • tkingjr
    Lastleg69 It is always a challenge to get the TD's to sell parts. I have been successful in getting parts when I order a watch from the same factory that I want the part from. Prior to this approach, they said no. You may have better luck with M2M. You can also post on WTB "Want to Buy"
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  • mistrill
    hello all thank you

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  • Lastleg69
    Hi guys. I've been a member for a while but mostly satisfy my curiosity by reading what everyone has to say. I purchased a rep submariner bluesy about a year ago from a local jeweler that has a back-door rep trade going on (good for him.) I paid $550 for it and it seems like a pretty nice watch. I'd really be curious to find out which the factory it. came from. Any tells that I can look for? I've had some bracelet issues- I finally got sick of it falling of my wrist and bought a cheap bracelet off of Etsy for about $60... the color is wrong and glide lock is crap. I'd like to find a solid aftermarket bracelet. Everything that I've read so far leads me to understand that ARF makes a nice bracelet. I suppose that I should just jump into the TD page and find one that is willing to sell me a bracelet. Any recommendations for a dealer that will sell parts?

    Just as an interesting little tidbit- I found this on an Amazon search today... Noob for sale on amazon. Ha ha ha...

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  • Dino888
    aye aye Captain Brosivich

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  • BaraaM
    Thanks for that

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  • MilgaussOwner23
    Just the introduction I needed to read!

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  • Scottschu
    Very helpful post

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  • Trickz
    Really great post, every new member should read this first before starting to ask or open new threads.

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  • VLKN
    Good read, thanks

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  • Nuclearsub
    Nipost is spot-on and I think all of us have that expectation when we first get into rep watches. They are never perfect and I have some authentic pieces and some replica pieces and no one has ever called out the replica even when I sit next to a buddy of mine who has a real submariner.

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  • antoniomc27
    ”I want a grade AAAA+++++ 1:1 sub for tomorrow”.
    I wanted it for today actually

    But yeah great post and I will keep reading and believing in the power of delayed gratification.

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  • tkingjr
    Shotokan It is unusual for a Noob to realize he has to read a lot here before buying a watch. Being a Noob only 3 years ago the addiction has taken over.
    Here are some other links to make you feel comfortable. Take your time, read and use the search feature. When you first join it is a bit overwhelming. You will be fine in a few weeks. The first two links will help you understand the process of buying a Rep watch. It is not Amazon. You will need patience. If you do your homework RWI members will be more than happy to give you some direction.

    Puretime’s domain is

    Don’t use Google to find our Trusted Dealer websites. You will get scammed by a fake site.

    Puretime’s domain

    Intime's domain:

    Don’t look for Trusted Dealer websites via Google. Only go to TD’s here on RWI.

    Here is the link for Super Reps

    How to buy your first Rep

    Link to “Which Factory Is The Best On Making Replica Watches ?”

    Link to my Navitimer purchase information

    Join Picr,me which is RWI’s Hosting site so you can post photos with ease.

    Here is a link to a PDF showing how to post photos on RWI.

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  • Shotokan
    ... great read for this fresh-out-the-wrapper Noob!
    The more I read on here, the more I feel I need to...

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  • isiviktor
    Dear Rwi Forum,

    I need Help. Can you please recommend me someone who can fix 2 of my Replica Watches?

    Heres Some informations:

    1. Watch AP Royal Oak Offhsore RG best edition wit valjoux 7750 Movement: The watch works and stops after some Minutes - Movement needs to be fixed
    2.Watch Cartier Ballon Bleu - Glass IS Broken...

    More Informations and Pictures follow Shortly!

    Location Germany, Europe

    thank you very much in advance


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