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Eyecandy and Wristshots 1st - 7th July 2019

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    A little shopping today.

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        Originally posted by BEAniev1! View Post

        That's a nice looking Sub, which factory is that?
        BK V7

        WTB: TC LV, V6 or V7 - let me know if you're selling


          Trying out the new Watch-Steward strap on the U1... very comfy

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            Originally posted by C Master View Post
            A Beonzo journey:

            It had patina

            Patina removed by soaking in lemon juice.

            Dipped in salt water before new patina.

            Placed into a tub with ammonia, Bottle cap used to keep the watch out of direct contact with the ammonia. Then sealed for about 10 minutes.

            The result

            Cleaning it up

            On the wrist

            Cleaned lightly with a toothbrush and lemon juice to return it back to a light copper look.

            Wow that looks amazing! Very cool.



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                  The moment I realised how many I've brought over the years!!!
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                        Originally posted by Frutali View Post

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                        May I ask you how big your wrist is? I really love this watch I’m just not sure if I can pull this off with a 6,69” (17cm) wrist size. Would really appreciate it.

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                            Originally posted by iPisi70 View Post

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                              Hey, Group!

                              Here's a rarity I don't believe I've ever posted: a watch I won in a contest conducted by RWI. It's a Hublot Big Bang auto chronograph & everything works the way it should. It has a label inside the watch strap: LUNA ROSSA & on the dial "RWI'S ROSSA. I really love this thing because its chronograph utilities function like a gen automatic chrono. I just wanted to show it off, as it's been sitting in an honored position inside one of the watch boxes. THANKS RWI!! dave:


                                Originally posted by Oris View Post

                                BK V7
                                Oh it's from BK.

                                If I'm not mistaken his latest is his V9 mod. I'm going to search for the difference.

                                I'm planning to buy 1 from him but I dunno if I'll go for V8 no date (I guess there's no V9 yet) or the V9 Sub Date