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Jiro's "How to enhance your picture" Part 1 -Basic

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  • Jiro's "How to enhance your picture" Part 1 -Basic


    I have recently been asked by a lot of members from all forums how I take pictures...and what kinda camera I use....etc..

    And every time, I tell them...."It's not the's how you take the picture and what you do with it after you took it."

    Since our photo geek member pugwash has already posted many threads about "how to take good pictures"....I'm going to mainly focus on what to do when you want to enhance your picture.

    I know...I'm no pugwash or by-tor but I'm doing this for all those people who are struggling with their photo technique.
    I'm not going to cover the advanced level technique which i'm not even too good at....
    It will be mostly basic technique which will come in very handy for many members.

    A lot of members already know how to take good pictures....but at the same time a lot of them don't seem to know how to enhance their pictures when it's needed. I go~!

    If you're a photoshop friendly members like pug or probably don't wanna read all this crap I'm about to write~

    First of all, you will need a program called "Photoshop"
    Latest version is Photoshop CS but I'm using version 7.0 which is slightly older version than CS...but it still does the job.

    Already have one? good! Don't have one? Go get it, it's worth every damn penny....or borrow from someone you know if you can.


    Jiro's "How to enhance your picture" Part 1 -Basic-

    Have you ever took a picture and the color came out all off and wrong?
    .....yes, we all have...haven't we...

    This is probably the most common and most basic enhancement you can do when that happens.

    Here we have a picture of beautiful Daytona...

    See anything wrong with the picture above?.....yes...color is off.....way off....not even funny....

    The most simple solution to fix the color in most cases are the "Auto Color" function under the Image Tab.

    Image -> Adjustments -> Auto Color


    See how much difference that simple button makes???? HUGE~!

    Next, I want that black dial to pop out a little more.

    Click and hold on the "Lasso Tool" and change it to "Magnetic Lasso Tool".

    And carefully, go around the area that you want to select.....

    Let's get the right contrast first...

    Image -> Adjustments -> Auto Contrast

    Now, let's get that level adjust to make the black dial pop out a little.

    Image -> Adjustments -> Levels...

    I will go ahead and change the first input level from 0 to 20.

    All done.

    Here are the "before" and "after" comparison pictures...




  • bluebeam
    haha make it shineeee

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  • Ranger_Ger
    Thank you very much! I'll follow your instructions.

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  • Mahtze72
    Thanks Jiro...I'm using Fotor and can't believe how easy some fo the enhancement options are and how big a difference they make.

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  • ulliq
    Thanks for this.

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  • zaius0930
    Great tip! Thanks!

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  • mmm8
    Great thread. Thanks!

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  • strapviet
    I really appreciate your instruction, sir. It helps me a lot.

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  • Dublab
    Thank you for this

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  • zoomtuning
    Love this thread, good info here

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  • jtrevor
    Is there any alternatives to Adobe PhotoShop for this process?

    Thanks in advance for all the great how-tos, it's appreacited!

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  • x32c
    thanks for your info. good stuff

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  • timparks123
    Thank you for your post. This helped alot! Still having trouble finding good lighting in my loft though

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  • psychom3
    Great info, thanks!

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  • luckie
    Can the same thing be done in Photoshop Elements?

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