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How to tell if I'm looking at a scam website

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    How to tell if I'm looking at a scam website

    Tell-tale signs of a scam site

    Genuine Pictures
    No replica is 1:1, using a genuine picture that an authorised dealer would use is only a sure sign that the site is misrepresenting what they're selling.
    Adding their own little watermark to genuine pictures does not fix this either.

    Replicas being made in Switzerland or Japan
    Or any other country that isn't China is complete rubbish, if they're going to lie to you about this, it's likely they're going to lie to you about what they will be doing with your money

    Movement description
    No replica (bar a few exceptions) are going to have the same movement as what you find in the genuine (HUB4100, Calibre 2121, 3187, other in-house movements etc).
    And if they're going to describe the movement as just "Automatic" or anything along the lines of that's just no good.
    You'll find some of the more common movements that are used in reps here:

    A simple automatic (21J) or Quartz will be in the $100 range
    A clone of a Swiss movement will be in the $200-$300 range
    A working mechanical chronograph (7750/7753) are $300+
    Of course this is just a very general overview of price, but if it's too good to be true, it most likely is, and if it's too anything like $1000+, it's most likely a scam, you're not getting better quality or anything closer to gen by paying that much more.

    With the full weight of four massive replica forums with tens of thousands of members each, a proper replica dealer will not need bullsh*t testimonials (probably written by them) to sell their watches.
    The same goes for 'Review' sites of those webpages (again probably written by them as well) - you have an enormous repository of information here written by thousands upon thousands of members, everything else shouldn't be trusted

    Other Ridiculous claims:
    1:1 quality
    Swiss made
    Waterproof to same as gen
    Ability to fool authorised dealers
    Working minute repeaters, perpetual calendars, automatic tourbillons, solid gold (or other precious metals)
    Some more outrageous claims are expanded on here

    Ultimately however, these are all just indicators of a scam site, even if a website does not show signs of above, it doesn't mean it's safe to shop there. But, there is one super easy way to tell if a website/dealer is trusted - and that's if they're on here:


    Common (silly) reasons people want to shop at any other sites
    1) They have a watch that the other TDs don't have
    There are many reasons for this and does not mean a trusted dealer can't get it for you. It may just not be popular enough or repped well enough to be put on their sites or section, or it might just not be repped at all.
    Find a dealer (after lots of research) and send them a photo of what you want. They'll be able to tell if they're able to get it for you.

    2) They have a better price
    Scam website's supposedly better price will most likely be at the expense of quality of features, that or it's purposely placed low to draw you away from the trusted dealers so they can take your money.

    3) They ship from the same country I live in
    Only a handful of dealers ship from outside East Asia (eg. Narikaa) where they will personally travel to those countries and bring them back,
    otherwise, if they claim to ship from the US or UK etc, they most likely will not be - anyone can get a .uk domain name.

    Hope this has been helpful to newbies who have found us while doing research on their websites in question. Feel free to add, change or delete anything you feel is missing or incorrect

    also all gen watches are usually set to 10:10 in photos, rep dealers

    will use a diff. time to prove that it isnot a copy of a gen. photo


      Not a newbie, but I can appreciate an informative and well put together post! Thanks!
      "The good thing about science is that its true whether or not you believe in it."
      Neil deGrasse Tyson


        Should be stickied in the noob section


          Great thread, rep awarded


            Another reason people eager to dip themselves into da shit - "Their website look good"...


              Some of the best dealers don't even have a website


                Bumpin for people new to this


                  Thanks for posting this info. Still learning the ropes.
                  Twenty-seven Reps and counting.....


                    Brand new at this!!! Eager to learn who to trust. I'm interested in a Breitling for Bentley to start. I am looking for some suggestions as to who has the best BfB rep. Thanks very much, looking forward to hearing fom you all.


                      Welcome to RWI mate.

                      All our trusted dealers......


                      ......have access to the same watches.

                      Have a look through the buyer reviews......


             a dealer that you like the sound of and take it from there.


                        Great information. Please give insights, anyone, to these folks :



                        Thank you,


                          Originally posted by NowNow, post: 1845551
                          Great information. Please give insights, anyone, to these folks :



                          Thank you,
                          Here's a novel idea buy only from the TDs listed on this site and forget you asked this question.


                            Originally posted by infamous18, post: 1845557
                            Here's a novel idea buy only from the TDs listed on this site and forget you asked this question.
                            What he said ^

                            Shop here------->


                              what they both said above. +1000. If those sites are not listed on here as a trusted dealer then we are not going to recommend it. You are taking your own risk my buying from one of the thousands of scams sites out there. Buying from our Dealers means that you will not be ripped off or scammed. Time to do some reading. There is a ton of information for you to read here about the dealers, watches, the movements and quality of watches and the ordering process. I think I read on here for about a week before I made my first purchase, and I'm glad I did, because there is so much to learn. a lot of people join then order right away and in a couple months after they have done more reading realize they wish they would have read more when they joined and got a better version of the watch they have. So do your research, and welcome to the site.