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WTB Navitimer Serie Speciale (Fighters) Black Dial

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    WTB Navitimer Serie Speciale (Fighters) Black Dial

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, thank you for providing a tons of useful informations on this site regarding the industry and this hobby. I did some heavy reading on this sub forum prior to making this post and I found a particular model of Breitling reps that I want which is the Navitimer Fighter in 12-6-9 config.

    I was able to get in touch with one of our TD via emails and we were closing in on a very good deal. Everything was perfect until we ran into a little problem with the payment method. TD asked me to send payment via moneygram and WU, which I am more than happy to try. Unfortunately, I found out that in my country, all the international money transferring services (including moneygram and WU) are required by law to have proofs of "valid purposes" - tuition fee, medical bills, inheritance ... etc which means alot of stupid paperworks and none of them have the check box for "paying for replica watch from china".

    It's not the TD's fault. I am greatly appreciate the speedy responds we had via emails the past week. I would buy from that TD in a heart beat just for A+ in customer service communication. As of right, I am looking for another TD or any members that can sell me the watch mentioned (new or used) using other payment methods such as credit card, paypal, transferwise, listing on DHgate ... etc

    Any reply here or via PM is greatly appreciated,

    Thank you for your time,

    Credit cards work most times if you call your bank prior to making the purchase. Tell them anything but "I am buying a Rep Watch". I just say "I am making a purchase in China for about $500.00 and I don't want my card declined".

    You need a history of buying from the TD before they will let you use PayPal. They are concerned about a chargeback or filing a dispute.