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Navitimer Classic A23322

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    Navitimer Classic A23322

    Hi Guys,

    Ive done a load of digging around and have decided navitimer is the watch I've fallen for...

    Navitimer Classic A23322 is the one I'm interested in as i know this has a non sunken date wheel ( i know the right sundial doesn't work and im fine with that) is the one im currently looking at.

    My question is what other flaws does this model have? Are there any other issues i should be aware of?

    Thanks Guys!

    Ah if only there was a thread dedicated to this...


      Originally posted by Thatwatchguy View Post
      Ah if only there was a thread dedicated to this...
      That is a really good idea. Somebody should look in to that ASAP.

      My suggestion is that we call it "Breitling Navitimer guide" or something very similar to that.


        Haha thanks for the sarcasm, I obviously read the threads on them. “avitimer Classic A23322 (2003 – 2011)

        Also shown by the TDs as a Navitimer 01 is the BP version, but this is incorrect, as this is the A23322 Navi classic made from 2003 until 2011 when the 01 replaced it. This is actually a good rep of the A23322 generally and as you can see the datewheel is flush with the dial and the numbers between 1 and 9 are angled at 90 degrees to the others as in the gen. The flaw is that whereas the gen uses the Breitling 23 movement which is based on the 7753 movement and means there is no sunken datewheel, the rep has to use the 7750 and to achieve the flush datewheel does not have the transfer plate and gears, so the 30 minute sub dial at 3 does not work. The big chrono hand and the other subs still work, so it’s a matter of personal choice whether you can live without a working sub at 3. The A23322 is also smaller than the 01 at 41.8mm by 14.6mm and the rep is accurate here as well. These come in black, white and blue dials with Arabic or stick hour markers. The blue colour is not that accurate with the gen blue”

        All I was asking was if there are any other flaws on the watch apart from one of the subdials not working. Is there anything else that sticks out. Also thought some people might share pictures of theirs that they bought.

        do you guys know any?